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Morning All,


Weird one, last night my wireless devices all dropped off from Wifi and were showing 'connected, no internet'. Anything hardwired was running fine.


I rebooted the duma both from the admin panel, which I could get to on a wireless device, and also by pulling the plug, also rebooted main BT Router, let that set itself back up, then reconnected R1. Same issue. 


I'm currently at work but before I left this morning I unplugged the R1 and will leave it until I get home to see what happens. 


I'm running 1.03.6i and have had or am having no other issues. 



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While connected via ethernet, disable WiFi entirely from settings, reboot the router from the interface, wait 2 minutes, access, enable WiFi, apply, reboot from the interface, wait 2 minutes then see if you can connect with internet.

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