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Found 10 results

  1. Hola, ayer por la tarde decidi cambiar el software de mi Netduma R1 colocandole el firmware de Dumaos. Una vez que logre actualizar mi router, quiero ingresar a la interfaz de Dumaos y no puedo de ninguna manera, ya restaure el router de fabrica colocando un perno delgado y apretando el boton reset del netduma r1 y ni aun asi puedo ingresar a la interfaz de Dumaos, lo intente en otros navegadores de internet y tampoco puedo, borre el cache y las cookies y sigo sin poder acceder a dumaos interfaz. Necesito una solucion urgente por favor, gracias!. Saludos desde Argentina 🙂
  2. Hello, I hope you can help me, I have had the Netduma R1 for a long time, and likewise, I have updated it a long time, I do not remember what firmware I put on it, but it is a beta, the problem I have, is that no matter how much I reset it and no matter how much I try with the username and password that I set, it won't let me access, apparently something is wrong with the username or password, although those are the ones I set, and when I do the hard reset, it remains the same, no Access with the default user or password, what can I do there?
  3. ive been trying to now setup openvpn on the router, i only ever get a failed on the UI. here is my config: client dev tun resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun verb 3 remote-cert-tls server ping 10 ping-restart 60 sndbuf 524288 rcvbuf 524288 cipher AES-256-CBC tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-GCM-SHA384:TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA proto udp auth-user-pass mullvad_userpass.txt ca mullvad_ca.crt service mullvadopenvpn block-outside-dns remote-random remote gb-lon-004.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-002.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-006.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-005.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-009.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-101.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-003.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-008.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-102.mullvad.net 1196 remote gb-lon-001.mullvad.net 1196 -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- -----END CERTIFICATE----- (i did remove the cert), am i missing something on this? i have tried removing all but one of the remote servers but i still get same thing, i put the account number as the username and m as the password which im sure is correct, any help i would appreciate hugely, many thanks
  4. Hi DumaArmy, Long story short (I'll attach a transcript of comms with ExpressVPN Support), please see below which is the initial statement I made to ExpressVPN support. I'm 99.9999% sure everything was fine before installing the Win 10 ExpressVPN app. Im so confused lol. Hi Team, bit of a issue here. I re-installed ExpressVPN yesterday, and it has messed up my Router. I have a NetdumaR1. I did not install the VPN directly onto the Router, I only have the app. My download speeds after firing up the VPN were terrible. I tried several connections and the best I got was 4 Down and 3 Up. I disabled the VPN - the issue was the same. I uninstalled ExpressVPN - this is where the issues got worse. I actually could not log into my NetdumaR1 router, I had no Ethernet connectivity on my PS4, and my DL/UL speeds were 3Mb/2Mb. My connection is also now called 'Network' or Network 2', not Netduma R1 as it was before. I have restored my routers factory settings - issue remains. I have reset my network connection on PC and uninstalled all network adaptors then restarted so my PC only re-installed my Motherboard network adaptor. So, after fiddling around for hours yesterday, I assigned my PC a static IP address and made the default gateway my router - I can now log into my Netduma and have decent speeds. I assigned my PS4 a static IP address - I now can access the internet via LAN on my PS4. However, the connection on my desktop only lasts for about 10 minutes. I need to go back into my network settings and re-apply a static IP for my PC. When I do have connectivity, even though in speed tests it shows my speeds to be around 100Mb down and 10Mbp - I cannot watch a 1080p YouTube video for more than 3/4 minutes without it buffering. My last resort would be to re-install Windows. I'm not entirely sure how ExpressVPN has had this affect on my network? I used it before on this PC months ago and had no issues (that I can remember). Oh and to add - Wireless devices have NOT been affected by any of this - only Ethernet connected. Any help would be greatly received. Transcript has been attached for the full conversation (I used OpenOffice - hence the .odt extension). Oh and in-case its not obvious, I am 'Visitor' lol, and Im running DumaOS ver R1 I have ordered an R2, and really dont want this happening when I use that beast Edit: I cannot even play online games anymore. I can access the internet through browsers etc, but no online PC game will connect -_-. ExpressVPN Transcript.odt
  5. Hola buenas ayer estaba actulizando mi netduma r1 a otra version y sin querer cerre el navegador lo que provoco que la actulizacion se bloqueara, ahora soy incapaz de hacer que el router funcione, nose que puede pasar la verdad pero no consigo entrar, cuando busco en "resolver el problema" de windows me dice que no hay direccion ip asignada, es como si el router no funcionara. Intento reinciarlo desde el boton trasero pero no hace nada, necesito ayuda con esto por favor.
  6. Can I install Duma OS in Netgear Nighthawk R7000p router ? Why is the Netduma R1 isn't there anywhere on the Netduma's official website ? The website only tells me to pre register ! Can you give me a list of all the possible router's that are out there that supports Duma OS 3.0 ?
  7. Netduma op address log in not loading up ? Worked fine last night went to try log in to the netduma interface today not working times out or says no internet connection but I can use the internet fine and play games ? What’s going on says cannot connect to servers
  8. Hello, i have been trying to get the vpn on the router working, i would like to use wireguard - Mullvad VPN. just when i download the config from mullvad i get [Interface] PrivateKey = Address = DNS = [Peer] PublicKey = AllowedIPs =,::0/0 Endpoint = (i took out the info) although i cannot find how i am suppose to put this when everyone is using configs with certs in, which clearly look alot different? i would like some guidance on how i am suppose to do this, i would like to use wireguard over openvpn. is anyone using mullvad with this router? please get back to me, many thanks
  9. As a title, i play destiny 2 with geofilter on ps4 with my netduma r1, the first two months i had no problem with it, all flawless, but from 2 weeks i can’t join my whitelisted friends fireteam, i tried to delete and then re-allow them (on spectating mode), and when i turn on filtering mode again they can probably join for 5 minutes, then the problem return.
  10. So here's the deal: I've stopped using my NetDumaR1 entirely for WW2. I run all COD games with a friend of mine who lives in Texas. I've "Tracert" to him and I get between a 60-70ms ping. Generally it takes 13-14 hops to get to him. He also has a NetDumaR1 and when we both get into lobbies in WW2 we can never land kills on anyone in Core or HC. That's when we both use our NetDumas. When I take off my NetDuma I still get 2 bar/3 bar connections (Yellow). I understand that only ISPs can do something about PING aka the amount of gateways it takes to relay the information from one to another. So I had him set up his geographical regions to encompass east Coast, Texas to Boston and add me to his router. Even still, we still get crappy connections and there are still people entering the lobbies that don't meet the threshold able to enter the lobbies even with him using the Strict Parameter. Bottom line is the NetDumaR1 isn't working as intended for this game. I'll use the NetDuma for IW for not for WW2 and that says a lot considering I haven't played IW since WW2 came out. We get people from South America, Europe, and Everywhere that don't meet that parameters. Also there's no amount of throttling or maxing out the speed that will help. At this point I don't know what to do about any of this. Verizon FIOS 1Gbps/1Gbps Normal Router PS4 Pro
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