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1 hour ago, aptiva1128 said:

Sometimes we will be put into servers with 2xx ms.
Just be curious that if we could use GeoFilter to limit regions to join?

Depends on how far you are from the servers you can’t mitigate distance unless internet infrastructure changes then it would be possible but currently it not 

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I don't think we've tested the game specifically with the Geo-Filter yet but in theory yes. If you're using a PC set it to use a PlayStation device type in the Device Manager and add it to the Geo-Filter with the manual option and setup how you normally would and see if it works.

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4 hours ago, Hydros85 said:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a Diablo server in the geofilter, I play on the console and it shows no servers

Try this:

  1. Quit the application/game/client completely
  2. Remove device from the Geo-Filter
  3. Give PC PlayStation Device Type in the Device Manager (if on PC)
  4. Resync from the Geo-Filter Map menu
  5. Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter with the manual option
  6. Set up the Geo-Filter how you like
  7. Wait 2 minutes
  8. Boot up application/game/client

Then see if it works any better.

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