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  1. Really appreciated the help, actually I do think currently it is working well. But when I got COD update with around 15GB last week, then the slower speed will be an issue to me. I had sent the order number to [email protected] And wait steps to send old one back. Thank you.
  2. Refer to the screenshot: I did enabled PPPOE_RELAY in my AC2900, so R2 could plugin and PPPOE by R2 it self. Modem -> ASUS ac2900 -> R2(PPPOE by itself) My previous screehshot, R2 plugin to a hub and get 100mbps. In that time I set R2 get ip from N66U Modem -> ASUS N66U(PPPOE)-> hub> R2(get ip form N66U) They both get the same result -> 100m bps.
  3. Unfortunately, no luck here, I already upgraded the firmware to be latest, and run factory reset, but still limited in 100 mbps. Please refer to attached screenshot. And I actually upgraded our old N66U to be new gt-ac2900, and when it plug into the mode, it could be identified as 1000m device. So please connect to my router to check again, I currently think it is a WAN port hardware issue here. (I enabled the "Allow Remote Access to Tech Support" already)
  4. Thanks for the news. Ok, I will do the upgrade test after I back to home, should be tomorrow.
  5. May I know if we have any updates about this? Thanks.
  6. This is the result of other cable, let me know if you need other angle of this. BTW, I used this cable for my other device, could get 1000m too, so used it for test. Note: I already enabled "Allow Remote Access to Tech Support" option, will wait contact of support.
  7. After checking all pages of the modem, I don't find DMZ option, so could not test this. But I found my DGS-108 could identify 100m/1000m too. So I plug WAN of R2 into it, and get screenshot attached. Its LED is amber, BTW anohter amber is my network printer, both 100m. Other green light part is other pc or 1g hub in other rooms. This is the manual of DGS-108: https://images-eu.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/A1j3YykkauS.pdf Let me know if we have other solutions to test WAN port R2, thanks.
  8. I manually set it to be 1G bps, then ETH Port 2 both lights are disabled, no lights more, and no network for R2.
  9. I don't think it has special setting to limit R2, please help to review the screenshot 1. Screenshot 2, it looks no special setting inside firewall to limit R2. BTW, no QOS configuration in this modem, check screenshot 3. The most important thing is please check "R2 PORT2" You could find currently R2 is using attached CAT6 cable, and only get 100m speed. If we think special port setting may limit R2 speed, so I use ETH PORT 1 of modem and the same cable to plug in to R2, and still only get 100m. (As you could see, currently ETH port 1 is working as 1000m device) FYI.
  10. Should be this one, let me know if this is correct.
  11. Which interface? physical interface of port? The part we insert cable? or its bottom about spec details?
  12. It is ok for that, current geo filter is working well, and I could use it first. BTW my modem model is Alcatel Lucent I-040G, you could use this to get related details I think.
  13. I already enabled "Allow Remote Access to Tech Support" option, will wait contact of support.
  14. I misunderstand the previous comment, so I used original cable of wan to plug into lan of R2. Now I used cable of my pc to plug into r2 and modem(This cable works in my pc) And find another cable to plug my pc and r2, still get attached screehshot
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