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Hit Detection Bad

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i have xr1000 and my Hit Detection like bullet sponge i need best setting for all - upnp,dmz, port fow, natfilter and any thing like that another question did R2 have best Hit Detection than xr1000 i see people talk about smart qos on r2 early acs

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Dude look up how to setup r2 on YouTube same procedure you need to test your own internet and figure out what best it all about about your congestion control feature for the majority that really what affects hit detection. I’d recommend 30% or lower but might not be needed all depends on how good ur internet is etc. To test your bufferbloat apply always on the cc and then do connection benchmarks and look at ping underload try to decrease that as much as possible that what really affects hit detection. You’ll still have to watch out for high ping servers there not much too it that why you setup geofilter properly.

if your on console just add games console under traffic prioritization and disable DumaOS classified on the xr1000 it doesn’t always prioritize properly 

As for smart qos from my understanding it is somewhat better but that includes adding your cc and still depends upon being able to register your device properly it not a marginal difference but it is better 

it does make it easier for people like yourself that don’t look anything up and does the job automatically which is probably the reason they made it to make it more user friendly 

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Could you give us an insight into the settings you're using currently, then we can nudge you in the right direction. 

You could also have a look at our optimal settings guides which will help: https://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646

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