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Network Monitor not showing bandwidth if device connecting to ipv6 destination

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Hi, When monitoring the bandwidth utilisation it’s not taking into account traffic that is using IPV6 . Foxtel and Netflix doesn’t show , even as unknown traffic ,as they prefer to use IPV6 .

using the smart modem graphs you can see the traffic flowing on the interface whilst net duma is showing utilisation as idle/nothing when netflix / foxtel streaming is happening .

DJA0231 , 20.3.c.0432 , 3.2.126+2

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Hi Liam,

They are connected via Wireless, however even on a wired (usb-c ethernet dongle) laptop it occurs. Running a speed test to a Telstra server also defaults to ipv6 and doesn't show any activity.  You can see throughput doesn't register for ipv6 vs ipv4, which shows for both the device and overall activity. Not sure if the Autoconfiguration uses the interface utilisation to trigger or not?  Suppose I set congestion control to ON and limit upstream to 10Mbit. In that case, it seems to shape the upstream for ipv6 to ~9.46Mbps and ~9.61Mbps for ipv4, so hopefully, only a display issue and everything else internally is working as expected.




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Hi @Glen,

If you could try logging in, and going to Device Manager / the hamburger menu next to Network Map / Resync cloud to pull the latest updates for your unit - we temporarily added you to our tester list.  Then log out and login of the web interface, you should be then able to see IPv6 traffic showing up. Other way to tell that its got the updates, is if you go to the (?) in the top bar / Application Categories / under WorkAtHome category you should now have 16 apps listed.

Let us know how you go, cheers

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Hi @mannrs Looks to be working after doing the cloud resync,

can see speedtest ipv6 traffic, as well as foxtel (though showing as unknown instead of as foxtel in media, maybe its not classified, but its now showing)

thanks for adding me to the testers list.

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Great, thanks for confirming

Regarding Foxtel showing as unknown and some other streaming protocols, we will be refining and adding the library over the next few months and Foxtel's definitely on the target list.

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