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  1. Hi @jaydens Apologies for you missing out on DumaOS on the Telstra Smart Modem. The reason we dont offer Game Optimiser on Fixed Wireless is that in order for traffic prioritisation to be really effective, we need to configure an accurate maximum line speed. And because fixed wireless access can be quite variable day to day with environment changes, the only way to reliably prioritise the traffic is by setting a lower bandwidth setting than the maximum, which reduces the overall achievable speed on the connection. Which we didnt want to do for our customers.
  2. Hi @Inspectah, I checked on your device again today and looks like it actually upgraded on its own accord. Its now on a version 18.1.c.0585 which is much better than what you were on previously and can see its letting you Pause again. Over the next week or two it will make one more upgrade step overnight to our latest version thats being pushed out, 20.3.c.0329 - which you should notice a further improvement with the interface and traffic detection.
  3. Hi @Inspectah, your device is actually stubbornly running a version behind so we'd like to force upgrade it - you'll be way happier with the interface and performance on the latest version. It might take two reboots to do, so I didnt want to action it without confirming with you. Got a preferred time(ish) for us to do that?
  4. @Inspectah - This is very unusual! Can you take a print screen whilst you have the |...| Advanced menu open? with it missing Also could you please advise your modem's serial number? we'd like to check it out.
  5. Hi @ShaneSmith, are you on one of our NBN connections? Sorry I had trouble ascertaining based on the device serial number alone, if you could send through PM your [email protected] ID i'll be able to check it out for you. But we're actually past the open beta period and have the product in market now, so if you have a NBN connection with your Telstra Smart Modem there, you can actually try the product with a 1mth trial live now - see https://www.telstra.com/game-optimiser for sign up instructions.
  6. Hi @Netduma Alex & @Netduma Liam, noticed a little typo on R2 3.0.205: Help Menu > Support > "Help Canter"
  7. Hey @Inspectah, If you check out your http://mymodem.mymodem/ screen now, you should see Game Optimiser activated. You'll see a completion email come through in next 24 hours, we're investigating why its been slow to complete on your service.
  8. Hi @csd1uk, checking your modem you are good to go now with that version. However the reason you arent having success with the MyTelstra sign up this morning is there appears to be an outstanding/open order on your account - once that clears your activation request will be able to go through. However since you are flush with modem choices, I would actually suggest connecting your Arcadyan LH1000 device's WAN port to your connected Technicolor, and leave it overnight to upgrade. The latest version 0.12.15r for Arcadyan is our latest public version, the Technicolor devices arent too far behind, a couple of weeks - but since you have a choice!
  9. Hi @petr @Cameron @dougy4t @sabarblade @SaltySquirrel We've upgraded your modem to the latest firmware, so you can get an early view of Game Optimiser. If you werent activated before, we've manually activated Game Optimiser on your modem as well. So note that an activation email will come through on November 10th, and from then you'll be able to cancel it (if you wish, hopefully not!) using your MyTelstra app. Your modem login screen should now show Game Optimiser as Active, check out the user guide to get started: https://www.telstra.com/game-optimiser-user-guide Ping me on here if you want it removed before then and let us know in the forums how you go with it. Cheers
  10. Hi @Hsimah, am afraid the Ultrafast 1000 plans are still unsupported on current modem hardware - as you can appreciate, we cant activate something that in combination would be degrade to your NBN plans advertised maximum speeds.
  11. Hi All, If you have an Arcadyan/LH1000 Smart Modem and one of the few that have managed to be able to prematurely activate Game Optimiser in MyTelstra; apologies - the first firmware version wasnt intended for customer use. But since its activated on your device, we can put your device at the top of queue for new firmware rollout occurring in the next few weeks. Just reply here with your devices serial number and note you were able to activate via MyTelstra, If you have an Arcadyan/LH1000 Smart Modem but havent yet been able to activate in MyTelstra; you will be able to from 10th November and access the 1mth trial. But in meantime, if you reply here with your devices serial number and note you havent been able to activate via MyTelstra - I'll check out whether we can get you enabled early.
  12. Hi @Jonnyboy0022, just confirming is the login issue you are experience only occuring on the mobile app? Ie. Are you able to login Game Optimiser via your Smart Modems http://mymodem/ web interface?
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