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Ping Test (Under Load) Help Needed

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Hello peoples I'm trying to play Fifa23 ps5 online for the past 2 weeks I have had very bad game play online.


Can somebody please tell me is this what's causing the problems for me because it's come to a point where I want to cancel my internet and throw away my PS5 so frustrating. How can I reduce the ping underload please help is needed and people here are so helpful thank you peoples












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Hey, with the sliders in their current positions, could you please change Congestion Control to Always and run a Connection Benchmark test again?

That should give us a more accurate reading of what your ping under load is like, we can then look at how we can optimise QoS to give the best experience possible for you in FIFA.

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Thank you, while we also discuss this internally, it does look as though we could optimise Congestion Control a little more to get those results even better.

Could you perhaps experiment with adjusting the Congestion Control sliders down 5% at a time and run a Connection Benchmark test between each adjustment? This will show you which values give you the best results under load. 

In the meantime we'll also investigate if we can debug your issue even further to see if there's any issues under the hood.

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Hi @Bund1984, additionally just for our context (apologies if you already posted these and I missed it)

  • Have you been playing the same Fifa version/EA servers and its only just recently started lagging for you in recent weeks?  I can see you started posting here just before Xmas, has it been a long running problem even before that?
  • Did you have the problem before starting to use Internet Optimiser/DumaOS?
  • Does the lag consistently happen at particular times of day, eg. evening but not in the morning
  • Do you do any other online gaming from the PS5, eg.  Is this just a Fifa thing?
  • With the Connection Indicators on, and your suffering lag, approximately what milisecond (ms) levels is the game reporting? (I'm not a Fifa player, but checking around you can turn these on at Settings > Game Settings >Visual >Connection Indicators)
  • Because you only have a couple of other devices on your network, and you have a pretty healthy looking high speed connection.  I think its unlikely that your ongoing Fifa/ping issues are always being caused by local congestion.  DumaOS/Internet Optimiser and the prioritisation functions, primarily help where there a many devices in a household fighting for the use of the internet, so I think its unlikely to be your ongoing problem.  So things I'd suggest:
    • Ruling out that DumaOS is not actually contributing to the problem.  Use MyTelstra to deactivate Internet Optimiser temporarily, then reboot your Gen 3 Smart Modem to ensure all has cleared - and play, did your lag still occur?  If still occuring, re-activate Internet Optimiser
    • Ruling out wireless as the cause.  Can see from a previous post, your already connecting the PS5 via cable.
    • If your ping time is consistently high, rather than spiking up and sometimes going back down.  You could try using Geo-Filtering, so that you limit Fifa to only connect to Australian based servers (if their available).
    • Might also be worth posting on the EA forums if havent already, as it seems there has been some similar recent reports following updates, of previously satisfied players now suffering lag on PS5:  https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Fifa-23-PS5-connection/td-p/12209290

Hope that helps - and do let us know if disabling Internet Optimiser made any difference.

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Hello and thank you for the reply

This issue has been happening now since about start of Sep but never posted anything up until quite recent.

To be honest I didn't really have much problems before starting to use the optimiser I was on the 


Max Download 50Mbps


Max Upload 20Mbps


Plan and everything once in a while i would get a bad game but not like now


I have even changed my plan to


Max Download 250Mbps


Max Upload 25Mbps


Thinking it could be down to that.

The lag happens pretty much all the time there is the odd occasion where I get a game with no lag but that doesn't last for long towards the end of the game I start to notice the lag This has been happening along to recently.

It's just a Fifa thing friend plays fornite and there is no issues at all.

I have the Connection Indicators on and there showing 21ms currently butnin my last online game it was jumping from 21ms to 80ms .

I have temporarily deactivated and activated my optimiser a number of times and I still get that lag it is currently activated due to the fact where I can only connect to Australian servers.

And I have been connecting via cable but I will tell you when I conceted via WiFi I have had a lot better connection instead via cable I don't know why but the game play was better but tried this again and it's just nit happening for me so frustrating.

Once again much appreciated for the help cheers


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Thanks for the details @Bund1984

Just to be really sure DumaOS isnt causing the issue.  Could you use MyTelstra to deactivate Internet Optimiser, now that its a free feature it wont cost you anything to turn it back on later.  Once deactivated, reboot your Smart Modem, so we can be sure its nothing is left loaded in its memory.
Then retry Fifa - still got lag?

Apologies for suggesting repeating what you've already tried, but I recently saw something really really strange with another EA game, and rebooting the device after deactivating DumaOS actually produced different results.  It wasnt actually a DumaOS bug, but gave us hints to what was happening.


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