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Limit bandwith for Single Devices?


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12 hours ago, fabigas said:

Hi netduma Team, 

is it possible to Limit bandwith for Single Devices? actually i See just the possibility to Limit while connection. 

if Not maybe this would be a nice Thing for future :)


Yes, you can go to QoS and click the three-line menu in Bandwidth Allocation. From here switch to device view and you can allocate bandwidth accordingly.

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It used to be just devices for Bandwidth Allocation but we've added Applications for it as well. 

Setting Congestion Control to Always limits all devices to that percentage. If you just want to limit one device that's not entirely possible, you can set a percentage on Bandwidth Allocation but then if the device needs more bandwidth it can take it from others that aren't using it. You could then disable Share Excess but that would limit every device to their set allocation.

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