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XR1000 won't display in wifi network option

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So here's the thing my wifi network is working 100% on multiple devices in my home. 

Issue is my one laptop MSI GE60 will not list wifi network option.   

 I've updated the drivers and now I've gotten to the point to do a hard reset on my laptop, which needed to be done.

It still will not list it a option, ethernet cable works and it does list other wifi networks in the area. 

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

That's a weird one, if you look on the Device Manager, do any devices appear black to indicate they're blocked? Can it successfully connect to another WiFi network, i.e. your ISP router if applicable?

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I've tried disabling AX.  Even tried changing channels.   Updated drivers but the year listed says 2016.  I never had smart wifi on so I don't think it's that.  How can I test if it will connect wifi if my wifi is not listed as a option?  

Thank you 

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