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Found 17 results

  1. I'm hearing a high pitched noise coming from the XR1000 router it seems to happen while devices are downloading/uploading, sometimes speeds drop to 23mbps download, upload speeds were also effected. I did a speed test via connection bench mark and speeds weren't effected My internet speeds are 75mbps down | 20mbps upload. When I first got the router there was no high pitched noise at all
  2. I posted the other day in another thread. I have a 2nd router connected for wifi but no longer can get it to connect. If i setup the 2nd router by it self without the R2 it has connection If i setup R2 on its own it has connection but very poor wifi. When i connect R2 and a entrent cable from LAN to 2nd router WAN or LAN i no longer can get the 2nd router to connect to internet This stopped working few days ago vefore that i had no issues. My setup Openreach modem----R2------vodafone I hav again tried to connect to the vodafone WAN and LAN. At the moment i have had to stop using my R2 due to the poor wifi issues
  3. After some minutes of use my R2 stops giving bandwidth to my phone or other wifi devices. I have to turn off wifi on my phone and back on for me to continue watching my videos. Happens a lot while streaming: youtube, netflix, disney +
  4. Hello So here's the thing my wifi network is working 100% on multiple devices in my home. Issue is my one laptop MSI GE60 will not list wifi network option. I've updated the drivers and now I've gotten to the point to do a hard reset on my laptop, which needed to be done. It still will not list it a option, ethernet cable works and it does list other wifi networks in the area.
  5. Hello, Can you please help me how to set up my Wifi, I just connected my phone to r2's wifi by default ( just simply write it's password with no additional settings ) and I have low connection to mobile apps, most of the time I have to wait a lot in loading session for some apps ( in my case online food apps / instagram / linkedIn ) - with mobile data I go instantly. Thank you !
  6. Why I can't see my WiFi network on my laptop and phone ???
  7. So I have set the lease to 168hours before .205 update. It seemed to be a solution to the consistent wifi issues my household has been having with the R2. Every few hours or so the WIFI drops/crashes on our devices. I am wondering if this is a DHCP issue as when I check the logs I always see this: If any ideas or solutions to mitigate how often I lose wifi? Its usually 2-4 times a day again after update .205 my lease is still at 168 hours.
  8. When i try to use the WiFi from the R2 on my phone it can connect but it says it has no internet connection. The R2 is connected to my Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway.
  9. I need some help, I bought this a week ago set it up was having substantially higher ping then my ISB modem/router combo I play on Ethernet fibre direct to home 1k up and 1k down internet from Bell Canada with a Home Hub 3000. Typically would get 15-19ms ping in warzone with the R2 and all the geo settings priority to my PC and was getting like 28-30 ms which to me is unacceptable since i primarily bought it to get even lower ping. Eventually fixed some settings and got it around 22-25ms which is still not better but w.e With that said then my Fiance came home and her office is upstairs 1 floor, she uses wifi. It kept cutting off her wifi and the range was atrocious... followed some advice to unlink the 2.5 and 5hz still no fix and the best part is that my internet began to completely shut off or increase my ping past 400ms in warzone while she was working upstairs.... the only fix to this was to reboot everything.... I dont know whats going on ive known for years that Netduma is great for gaming etc but so far my experience has been terrible. I have had to revert back to my ISP modem/router, and in the meantime bought a wifi range extender because i really want to use the new router... any suggestions or known issues why my ping is higher? why the internet cuts out or increases my ping to 500+ ms essentially cutting out my internet or why the range on the wifi cant reach 1 floor above?
  10. After battling the dreaded DHCP lease issue (all my devices would periodically lose internet connection until the router was rebooted) I finally disabled the DHCP server on the router and set every device in my home with static settings (big pain in the rear). I see mention of DumaOS 3 bios beta possibly fixing this. I have signed up for the beta but after 3 weeks have not received any word. Now I am having an issue where Wifi devices are unable to connect. Just out of the blue the wifi status shows as connected, no internet. When trying to disable and re-enable wifi on the device to reconnect, it shows a message that says checking network requirements and then a message that says unable to connect to network. This is happening with multiple devices, too. Any idea why this new issue is occuring? Any idea when I can try the new Beta firmware? As it stands now, if these problems persist I will be looking to return this XR450. It has given me more trouble than any other router I have ever used. I am an IT professional that has been working in this field for over 20 years, so that is saying a lot.
  11. Hey! I purchased the XR700 about a week ago to replace a very old Actiontec MI424wr and, unfortunately, I've been having a lot of issues getting it to work correctly. While the wired connection works without issue the WiFi is in a word: awful. It drops out every few minutes even when I'm sitting less that 4ft from the router (when I say drops out I don't just mean has speed issues I mean I can't even navigate to google.com without my browser showing me an error page and asking me to check my connection) and has abysmally bad range. I live in a small 1br apartment, and when I walk to the kitchen I lose wifi all together something that has never been an issue before--for reference my kitchen would put me at MOST 25ft from the router. I've tried a number of things including disabling the 60GHz band, tweaking and eventually disabling QoS, manually setting the WiFi channels, upgrading to firmware V1.0.1.24, and factory resetting the router but nothing has seemed to work which I find immensely frustrating. I feel like I paid a premium just to add stress to my daily life. While I don't have the fastest connection (only 100 up and 100 down through Verizon Fios) I'm the only one in my apartment and I should be able to watch a short YouTube video on my laptop when it's literally beside my router and the only machine that's powered on and connected to the internet.
  12. Hello, I was having issues loading the router control panel. While trying to troubleshoot the issue, I disabled the Wifi and now cannot re-enable it. The router control panel is still not working properly and I figured i'd reach out for help before causing any more problems. Please let me know what is needed to help identify/fix the issues. Thanks, TSK
  13. Issue: I had been using the XR500 for about a year now with no issues, using both geolocation and QoS successfully, I had been running Last night this all changed with no change of settings or environment that I’m aware of. My connection this morning began dropping randomly, often after only 5 minutes of usage. When the connection drops the Wi-Fi network (both 2.4 and 5GHZ networks) disappear. Both devices that connected via hardline and on Wi-Fi experience this lack of connection. All devices in my home (phones, tablets, laptops, etc) are experiencing this issue. I verified with my ISP (Spectrum) and nothing is wrong on their end. When the network comes back I’ll start using it again, as normal, and anywhere from 2-15 minute later the issue repeats itself, the network disappears and comes back 1-3 minutes later. There is no website, traffic, or device that seems to be consistently causing this issue. What I’ve tried so far: I’ve tried the basics and turned unplugged both my router and modem for 2-3 minutes and plugging them back in. I’ve turned QOS off, DOS and Port Scan , Geolocation off. I disabled port triggering (which I was not using) just in case this was somehow part of the issue. I tried backing up my configuration, returning to factory settings, and then restoring from my backup. I set my system to use Static IP addresses rather than Dynamically from the ISP. I noticed the following events occurring my logs with some regularity. [DumaOS] DHCP new lease allocated., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 [DumaOS] DHCP new event., Thursday, March 19, 2020 15:56:37 I tried using the V2.3.2.40-C242a. hotfix firmware. I also tried the original V2.3.2.40 firmware. Last thing I did was upgrade back up to .56 from .40. And for a while the .40 firmware version seemed to fix things, but then 7 days later on March 26th (today) things started back up with no changes to any settings, or new devices. All the same symptoms and issues listed above. I went on to do countless factory resets and firmware changes, jumping around from .40, .40-C242a, and .56. Every configuration will be fine for about 5-10 min and then the issue starts back up. Where I stand with things: Modem: Motorola SURFboard Model: SB6141 (note this modem is mine and not owned by Spectrum, it is from their approved list) XR500 V2.3.2.40 Geo-Filter – off QoS – off Port triggering -off Guest Wifi – off No VPN in use Using Static IP addresses With the new work from home situation resulting from Coronavirus this issue really couldn’t have come at a worse time for me and my wife. It is essential that we have a reliable internet connection. Any assistance you can give would be helpful. If there is a specific log set that could be helpful please let me know.
  14. Hi, First time posting. I got an XR450 as a gift and it is a big improvement over my old Linksys but I have this weird issue. I have Opendns for the family and when I switch DNS in the DumaOS dashboard I loose internet connection to random devices, NOT wifi. I can switch back to my ISP DNS and then it all comes back. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Since I bought this, I have had wifi connection problems. The phones (multiple) say it's connected but can't open pages or download items. Turn off wifi and use cellular service the phones begin to connect. This happens alot. Seems to be random. I've tried connecting to both bands, same issue when it happens.
  16. So I have a netduma router and for some reason one day the Wi-Fi stopped showing up and I cannot access the router to the IP need help urgently
  17. So I’ve done all the WiFi steps they recommended, I’ve been in tech support a couple years so I’m not completely incompetent at figuring out firmware issues. This is out of scope on what it could be that’s interfering with the WiFi. I use to never have WiFi issues, and now it’s becoming a regular cycle of having to restart the router DAILY!!! SEND HELP SOS MADAY!
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