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dead spot in trigger for distant players

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Is it me or am i having to have to apply a dead spot in right trigger on Xbox elite controller in order to connect shot on Halo 5? from extensive experiments I have come to notice that even though I am in my best server with low ping i am still having to distinguish who I am playing against in order to connect shots! if your playing against local players then having a dead spot in trigger will go against you as you are in real time but if they are from far away then a dead spot is required if they are in between then another middle adjustment is required its a joke how much awareness is needed and really is annoying having to change all the time without noticing straight away! would be nice if we knew where the players are from before the game starts in order to have a stress free game maybe something you guys can look into .



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I'm not really sure what you mean by a dead spot? 

The trouble with knowing where players are from is that this isn't a decision made by DumaOS, this all occurs on the game server. The only thing you can control is which server you connect to, not who else connects to it.

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15 hours ago, Rickyrocks said:

Dead spot meaning an area where nothing happens creating delay on your shots or turning in order to synchronize your movements or actions with online connection etc.

OK sure, are you experiencing this on all servers? How do you currently have QoS configured?

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57 minutes ago, Rickyrocks said:

my qos on xbox does not respond but does on DHL REport

How are you testing this exactly? Traffic Prioritization supersedes QoS and so ensures the console is at the front of the network queue

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