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the PC Hit Detection Topic. (CW/WZ)


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  We got so much topics already, i get it.  but its quite obvious that  what  works on PS5 and etc,  go differently to PC and  what not.   so is it okay if we can just use this topic for the PC configuration of  the NEtduma on cod.  this can be for Cold war (where the problem mostly lies) and  i guess warzone as well (i dont see this  same problem there as much)  


just trying to  throw a  lob for my PC people. 

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1 hour ago, MarkonikovBR said:

the usual ones, and what we've been talking about for months and months... with netduma's QOS turned off, the performance is much better... why doesn't netduma take the trouble to make a decent QOS? why don't you just make an fq_codel/Cake for DumaOs?

I previously suggested you make a new topic for your issues, if you do that then we can help you. If that's what seems to work for you then great but I am 99% positive if everything is set up correctly you'll have a better experience with it on. Changing the QoS protocol is not a guarantee of connection quality.

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