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is there a way to select certain servers directly from the ips?


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51 minutes ago, AirsT said:

i tried to, but for some reasons it doesn't allow them to connect. I even tried to flush the cloud but it won't work 

To be clear, you can't select a server to connect to it. What you are doing is setting a radius arounds close servers to connect to. Servers outside that radius are then denied, so you'll never get a bad server.

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6 minutes ago, AirsT said:

Yh I meant it didn't allowed the server, it pinged it as not allowed

There are usually many servers clustered in one location - so if you allowed one in London for example then there are still 4 that could be blocked in that location so you'd have to add them all if you wanted to. Also allowing a server using allow/deny doesn't guarantee you will only get that server but will ensure you can connect to it regardless of your settings even if they would usually block it

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