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  1. cause' I should I need to vpn a part of games ports
  2. I need to vpn the entire network, only things I don't need to vpn are game ports and livestream ports (twitch and yt)
  3. yh it would be easier but the fact is I have no way to determine which ports are used by game, tried using the cmd but it didn't work out
  4. I stream, I did prio it but it still doesn't work. The only solution I found was prio 443 tcp but it does reveal my ip in sites
  5. Speedtest is working fine, ip location sites tell me the vpn ip and games don't as I wanted to. Now I only need ports to let livestream work fine on twitch and youtube. I tried using ur services but it overlaps.
  6. it now works properly with this, but still livestreaming lags. Do you know livestream ports to un-vpn?
  7. well game tells me my vpn ip but location is real
  8. Yeah I mean in game it no more shows the hidden location while game auth is checking it even if game's mmaking still goes in vpn
  9. I dont know if u can help me with it, but I found out how to hide geo location while playing in vpn. I just select : do not vpn ports 1-65535 to 3074 TCP UDP and 1-65535 to 30000-45000 TCP UDP. But it lags now, is there a way to reverse it into a "Only vpn these ports"?
  10. Hi Idk why but the hybrid vpn now slows my internet by a lot, it never happened before I tried to factory reset but it doesn't work with none of my vpns
  11. Yh I meant it didn't allowed the server, it pinged it as not allowed
  12. i tried to, but for some reasons it doesn't allow them to connect. I even tried to flush the cloud but it won't work
  13. is there a way to select certain servers directly from the ips?
  14. I miss Germany, but the ping is lower in italian and netherlands servers
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