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Connection problem


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hi, i bought R2 on day one.i installed R2 3.0.205.
connected to sky modem SR203 set static ip on R2 dmz on SR203 excluding wifi.
Often R2 crashes the page is no longer accessible and navigation is no longer possible until I restart and in recent times the problem has become acute
Assuming the heat, I inserted a fan under the router in order to cool it but little has changed.

i only have wired devices connected and the problem shows up on all lan ports.
The wifi is managed by these gadgets (Tenda Nova MW12 Wi-Fi Mesh)
usually if I have the page open I have the red screen as if it were loading.
only today from 11am to now I have had 6 disconnections.
At this moment the ports 1,2,3 where I connected Ps4, xbox and mw12 are blocked while port4 is still working with Imac 
The CPU usage is now quietly at 20% while after the restart it seemed crazy and the logs are no longer recorded from 13.30


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Thanks for creating a new topic, sorry to hear of this.

Was that log file captured while the connection was down, or after you'd rebooted the router?

6 disconnections in one day is far more than we've seen with other users experiencing this issue, are you seeing any errors appear in DumaOS itself? Do you ever see the "Rapps not loading" error?

Could you please go to Network Settings -> LAN -> DHCP and set the Lease time to 168 hours, then save settings and reboot the router. Do the disconnections still occur and how often?

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Ok set to 168h, I made the log when I realized that lan1 and 3 were blocked.
"Rapps not loading" is a very common mistake, I set 5 the parameter in istalled rapps.


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i normally use chrome or firefox. i try it

I had read that the Sky Wifi modems (my provider) a bit difficult (the Italian ones are the same as those distributed in the UK) after another block I decided to change it with another one I have at home (fritbox 7530) to see if things improve.
so i did another reset and set everything up again.
Sure the ping has improved considerably but the bandwidth has decreased ...
now i keep it turned on and see what happens

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Let us know how you get on! Make sure QoS has your correct speeds input and QoS settings are done - it might be because you're using a different modem that the speeds will be reduced for a few days, this is normal and they should return

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2 hours ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Facci sapere come ti trovi! Assicurati che QoS abbia l'input corretto della velocità e che le impostazioni QoS siano state eseguite - potrebbe essere perché stai utilizzando un modem diverso che le velocità verranno ridotte per alcuni giorni, questo è normale e dovrebbero tornare

Maybe the problem with the crashes lies in the QOS but I would like to be sure.
I am attaching the last log after the crash which occurred around 9.30pm


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hello, it seems that for now there have been no more disconnections.
I begin to think that the problem is related to QOS or IPV6 (even if in the R2 settings it is disabled while the Sky router does not allow you to disable it) which I turned off by putting the fritz.
While for the QOS I have very low settings (30/30) that I detected using anti spike in the auto configuration as under load the upload has spikes that bring the ping over 70/90 ms and everything started after about 2sett from the operator change and consequent adjustment of the settings.
Now I have both V6 disabled and new Congestion Control parameters and the problem never occurred again.
Unfortunately I will be away over the weekend and I will not be able to update on the various tests

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