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  1. Traffic Prioritization is set to game console on all 2 devices
  2. the tests were performed in the same way in all 2 cases I removed the excess share. I restarted the routers and did the test. ping under load with the same settings behaves differently as if on Xr500 the bufferbloat does not work, while R2 handles it correctly. the only thing in favor of Netgear is that the ping values are much lower in idle (2 / 3msec) but under load as if I did not have congestion control, in short, like a normal router as soon as I have some time I go back to the old fw and do other tests
  3. Good evening, I'm doing some testing on the xr500 with V2.3.2.120 and using the same configuration parameters that I have on the R2 and already in QOS in the autodetect speed rewrite the outliers. I run a speedtest from the browser and I get data that are completely different from those obtained in the xr500 connection test, all with QOS disabled While in R2 there are no discrepancies. Subsequently on XR500 I enable QOS (always) and run other tests and it seems that it does not work in the tests under load and not even in the distribution of the bandwidth of the individual devices (non-share excess). While on R2 everything is ok. I enclose some photos and and sorry for my bad english
  4. thanks, I'll install it now. I try to follow the forum but my poor English limits me ... luckily there is google 😉
  5. hi Fraser, during the day I have connection drops that force me to restart the router. can you help me?
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