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NoLagVPN set up on R2 (High ping on some servers) Warzone


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I just got the R2 yesterday - I want to set up the VPN so it only runs on my Xbox SX. I have done the basic to the point where I added my console on the VPN traffic set mode to only VPN these services.


My problem is the No Lag VPN works but on some servers like India, NZ etc are very high ping in game -  my friend advised me to add service as TV then add the port forwarding for CoD WZ then switch to console for the service  - originally I added the ports under network settings > port forwarding but that didn't work I'm still getting high ping in game. (The ping issues doesn't happen with him and he has the same router)


The friend that advised me showed me a screenshot of his set up - which I noticed he added them as VPN Service selector > advanced then adding Source port and Destination Ports - I tried this but I kept getting the following error.


RPC error 'ERROR VALIDATION': Validation failed for 'sport'


Please see attached screenshot of the set up friends Hybrid VPN set up for NOLagVPN on Warzone. I have also linked the port forwarding numbers not sure if this is correct. FYI he is on PS5 and I'm on XBOX.




In other note do you have a contact number for support to call in? it will be better to explain by telephone rather then typing SA's. Any remote in support would be good too.


If you are able to call me or would like to me to call you please DM your details.


Kind regards,



Friends VPN Traffic.png

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

That is a very convoluted way of trying to add the device to the VPN - when the device has the correct device type and it's added to the VPN it is greyed out indicating it is applying to the entire device. I would advise you do away with the idea of adding ports manually, we purposefully made it so it couldn't be edited as that is the best way to add it. You're getting lag because you're connecting a VPN and forcing servers fair away - whatever the VPN specifically claims, they can't get around the law of physics, the further away the server is the higher the ping will be. 

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Hi Fraser,


I'm having issues adding the ports I get the same error as this person below but I am on xbox and I need the correct VPN Service selector + Source Port and Destination Ports for all Warzone on xbox.


Can you help please?





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Don't worry I have sorted it out - it was a glitch on the router I had to factory reset it then I was able to add the ports...

This is working for many people - and it wasn't for me but now it is - I'm on 30 ping in NZ where I was on 250+ yesterday because I couldn't manually add these ports..on the VPN service selector - you can close this ticket.


Thanks anyway.

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