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Found 64 results

  1. Constantly having issues with Geo Filter not loading. Everyday it will always say "This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute" Everything else on the R2 works just fine. Only way I get past this issue is to reboot the router. Sadly that ends up being anywhere from 1-3 times a day since i've owned in the last week. Any ideas as to why its happening and what to do to remedy the situation?
  2. Tengo ya 1 dia con el Router R2, termine configuración trate de aplicar el GeoFilter y tarda en meterme a partidas o simplemente no me mete a ninguna partida, cuando logra meterme a alguna partida me da un ping de 100 a 120 lo cual es el mismo ping que me da el modem de la compañia de internet. Trate de aplicar la opcion de Ping Heatmap seleccionando el ping mas bajo pero jamas encuentra partida y cuando encuentra es un ping de 250ms Me pueden dar solución a mi problema?
  3. On v.3.0.179 Restarted my modem and router and now Netduma will not connect to the Internet. I connected wired to modem, and internet is working fine. Did a factory reset on Netduma and still no internet through router. I am unable to connect to Wifi at all. When trying to do wired setup @, it can't connect to the internet.
  4. Hi, as title suggest my R2 just can't get the cloud updated and my servers are mislocated all over the place, I tired factory reset disabling QoS deleting device. It always times out, and when I ban servers it still seems to connect to them, also when I'm gaming it always shows random peer connections all over the world.
  5. Hi everyone. I made all the settings of netduma R2. I determined the area with the polygın mode from the geo filter and i play between 35-45 pings on the fixed frankfurt server.( i play destiny 2 and apex legends.) But i still get lag from certain players in the game. i shot at player but my fire is not counting or the man is teleporting due to lag. i tried auto setup QoS than tried 70-70 QOS but nothing changed. My Connection test is always A+. i enabled DMZ for PS5. i also enabled DMZ from the modem for the router. But in away than i dont understand, the players are still lagging. Please help me !
  6. Just got my r2, installed the software & changed the password but still no internet. My devices say connected but wont load.
  7. Hi! My problem is that R2 router has a different Internet download speed than the Internet modem provider. Interestingly that uploading is the same but the download speed is not! I use Vodafone modem in Bridge mode to the router. QoS is turned off on the router. What can cause the problem? The pictures show the difference well.
  8. Hello, I received the NetdumaR2 yesterday. Everything was running fine. Until I updated firmware today since the update firmware I'm unable to log in DumaosOs. I've tried different browsers, cleared cache and cookies, Turning off antivirus. But I'm still unable to login. I wouldn't know how to downgrade firmware without logging in.
  9. Hi, Received my R2 router the just under a fortnight ago (Monday). Setup Virgin Media Cable modem as Modem only and connected to Router. I have a separate mesh network so the wireless is turned off and the main mesh device is plugged into an RJ45 port. After a few days after the internet started to drop out and return irratically, within short periods of time. I rebooted Cable modem, router, and Netgear GS108PE switch attached, after a few minutes the system was back with no issues. I initially put it down to my playing with settings etc and thought it wouldn't reoccur. Today the internet started doing the same thing again and I rebooted all again to recover. I think it did it the other day too, can't recall which day but I think I waited to reboot later in the evening. I believe it may be the router firmware, but as I was using the cable modem as the router before this has also changed use (although I have used a router before in this way and don't recall having the same issue). Is there anything I can do when the issue occurs to verify if the issue is with the router or elsewhere? Best Regards Marc p.s. running latest firmware since received.
  10. Good moorning people, I'm having an issue when geofiltering cod. Not sure if Im doing something wrong or what, im attaching a screenshot of my settings My problem is: as You can see, my geofilter is set to only a specific region (spain in this case), however Im connecting to servers outside of my filter. I tried setting it in Egypt where there was no COD server and It put me in a lobby of the England server i belive. Any help? I have used this feature before and It worked fine
  11. I was just wondering if I need all devices connected to the R2? My moms phone and 2 bell TV receivers that use 0.01% of use age and my moms phone uses barely anything because she only uses the internet a couple times, I have my computer, PS4 pro and my phone on the R2. The Tv boxes are connected view WPS
  12. So yesterday I decided to reboot my NetDuma R2 Router. Waited for a minute while unplugged and then plugged it back in. Ever since I did a reboot, my gaming pc hasn’t been able to connect to the internet via the Netduma R2. To see if my Ethernet was faulty, I switched my ethernet out from the Netduma R2 to my Bell Modem and it worked fine. I decided to leave the duma off for 24 hours and today I plugged it back in and same thing - Unidentified Network. Can’t figure out the issue? I can’t even connect to the Netduma interface. Keep in mind Ive had this item for almost 3 months now and this is my first issue. Was never having this problem before the reboot yesterday. Apparently it can’t find a valid IP configuration
  13. Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir mon R2 et je dois tout configurer avec ma PS5. Avant avec la PS4 je procédais comme ceci: -configuration d'une IP statique de la PS4 sur l'interface de mon FAI -configuration d'une IP statique du R1 sur l'interface de mon FAI -R1 dans le DMZ depuis l'interface du FAI -configuration manuelle de la connexion PS4 avec son IP statique -obtention de NAT ouvert Aujourd'hui je n'arrive même pas à fixer une IP statique pour la PS5 car mon interface FAI ne me propose que des adresse type 192.168.1.??? alors qu'avec le R2 j'ai l'impression de ne pouvoir fixer que des adresse IP type 192.168.77.??? Je ne sais pas si je prend le problème dans le bon ordre, pourriez vous me guider svp. Merci😅
  14. I have the circle around the server I’m wanting to connect too, ping assist is 0 I have allowed the server, Resynced the cloud restarted my console and even restarted the R2 and it’s still not even showing up on geo filter when I start my game, is there a way I can fix that? A lot of servers aren’t showing up for Cold War when I start the game only like 5-6 show
  15. Hola a todos! mi netduma R2 no deja mostrar la red wifi, mis dispositivos (celular, tablet, laptop) no encuentran la red wifi. como puedo arreglarlo?
  16. So I know this is a weird question but shooters shoot am I right? I have bell fiber the 1GB down and 750 up with a netduma r2 but I don’t have a desktop nor laptop that can achieve those speeds not even close neither from WiFi or Ethernet so running a Speedtest to put into QoS bandwidth speeds so I put random numbers in, I had 730 download and 696 upload for the network settings. I was wondering what should I realistically put in to achieve my actual full speeds I ran the auto detect on the R2 and it gave me 850 download and 720 upload. Should I leave it as that or should I put in my 1 gig down and 750 upload? confusing to my walnut brain : also to add on is there any network settings I should have turned off? I have IPv6 turned off both general and WAN. Allow ping, port scan, and syn flood are enabled, should any of those be turned off?
  17. Device: R2 Version: 3.0.205 Title says it all. I live in Kansas and there are plenty of servers around me with decent enough ping (20-40), but over the course of about 20 warzone games or so I still have yet to have a game below 50 ping (best I've gotten was jumping between 50-70) and I am still getting small hitches/stutters every 5 seconds during gameplay. I put the ping assist at 0, and I have my range set to 800. Strict mode is on. Auto-Ping host is on. The only thing connected to the R2 is my PC so It is not congested, and I also have the bandwidth allocation set to gaming at 85. The Geofilter is cool, but the NA servers don't even pop up on it for me (sometimes the one in Europe will show up) and I am always having to use a peer connection. The only difference I've noticed since using the R2 is that it now takes longer to be put into a lobby, and instead of getting a decent ping every 2-3 games I now can't even get a game below 50 (20+ games and counting). Screenshot of connection benchmark is attached. I got a D on speed because its using a 1.0 gbps scale. I pay for 500 gbps so 358 is okay. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks 🙂 Edit: My setup is Wall > ISP modem/router combo > R2
  18. Hello all, I've recently been experiencing reboot loops with my R2. It started when I lost connection all of a sudden and which I assumed was a normal network drop so I logged into my R2 to reboot it. It didn’t go through (it was stuck on loading) so I unplugged it (10 sec wait time) then plugged it back in. As it reboots the internet LED just blinks then switches off over and over. I’ve left it for 20 mins to no avail so I had to reset it. After the reset I was able to get in so I updated to the new firmware (forum showed there was one) and after it rebooted it has gone back to the reboot loop. I had to unplug it which I’m assuming has now caused it to have a bad install, it’s now stuck ever since. I have left it unplugged for 4 hours so far and checked it and it looks like my router is bricked. can anyone assist me on this? I had just bought it a few months ago.
  19. Hi, I just received my netduma R2 and struggling to connect it to the internet. I have an existing EE bright box and have followed various posts to disable WiFi on the bright box, disabled IPV6, manually adding a static IP, various factory resets of the R2, reboots , etc and still unable to get it to work. I even tried to add in the WAN IP to the DMZ but not sure I followed this process correctly. no matter what I have done it still hasn’t auto detected the router after a factory reset. can you give me some further guidance please? thanks mike
  20. Hi guys, Just got my R2 in the mail , I have Verizon fios and my wireless router is my modem, I know I need a moca adapter and I need to call Verizon to do something but I don’t know what , is this really the method or is there another? Also what’s the best moca adapter for this setup I’ve seen the moca 2.5 gocoax look promising but not sure, any help will be greatly appreciated 🙏🙏 Cheers
  21. Any one have any qos settings they recommend for warzone for better hit detection? Currently using the r2. I’ve looked at several YouTube videos where people say to either : A. Use the auto setup feature and let the router decide. B.Simple minimize sliders to 70/70 C. Minimize speeds to gaming device (currently using PS5), to something around 10mbps download and 2mbps upload. D. Under advanced settings on the auto setup feature, reduce sliders to 30/30 and put target vs idle ping at 1ms and check off max spikes size and put at 1ms also. (this version Caused me to have several lag spikes in the game). I know the overall goal is to have Speed test/ping test/ ping test under load at an A rating. But I also heard the most important part is minimizing your ping test under load as much as possible? Any input would be great. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello guys! after the release of the new R2 Firmware I realized that when I add my PS5 to the port insertion manually, it also asks me to choose the type of traffic ... This WAN option will be prioritized what?
  23. Hi, I am trying to setup the R2 I just received and cannot get it to connect to the internet. I am using an ethernet cable and it has established a connection but wont connect to internet. Been reading through forums for hours and tried every potential solution I could find with no luck. I have google home/fiber as my ISP. Would love some assistance with this! -James
  24. Hi everyone, We know what you’re thinking, and we get it. We said R2 updates would be frequent (and they will be), but this update ended up enveloping a lot more than we initially expected. That’s frustrating for you and for us too. However, we hope you’ll find the wait was worth it – this is a huge update with fixes and changes across the board. Feedback on the R2 has been great, helping us to improve everyone’s experience while fixing specific problems too. The changelog below shows just much work has gone into this update. This is the latest in DumaOS and it sets the stage for new features we’ll reveal in the near future. From all of us at Netduma, thanks for your patience, and for caring enough about DumaOS to stay vocal. We hope you enjoy the latest firmware! Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1krvgqi4peslusv/DumaOS-R2-3.0.179.sig?dl=0 General Improvements System-wide GUI improvements. Memory usage improvements. Added new Copy to Clipboard button for information generated by Rapp Performance and Device Manager > Wi-Fi Scan (also a new addition). Fixed initial tour throwing errors if ‘Next’ clicked too early. Fixed various issues with upgrade process. Fixed various vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi Improvements Improved Wi-Fi band steering. Improved Wi-Fi range coverage. Fixed Wi-Fi settings not preserving on firmware upgrades. Fixed Wi-Fi station details displaying incorrectly if the device is disconnected. Fixed 5GHz channel not starting correctly when splitting the channels. Added auto Wi-Fi channel detection, picking the least noisy Wi-Fi channel to achieve better results. Added Wi-Fi channel width setting for greater control. Added Wi-Fi region setup to the setup wizard. Added Wi-Fi radar detection DFS channels. Added Wi-Fi Performance feature to devices. Added Wi-Fi Scan feature. Added more Wi-Fi stations information for better debugging. Ping Heatmap Fixed Ping Heatmap displaying multiple graphs when spam-clicking. QoS Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results. Improved QoS Stability. QoS now loads quicker on start-up. Fixed QoS not always loading correctly. Fixed QoS crashes and stability issues. Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup layout issues when zoomed in. Fixed "Applying Settings" popup appearing when Auto-Setup loads. Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup button. Fixed Auto-Setup not always setting the slider. Fixed incorrect padding around auto-setup bars. Fixed Auto-Setup throttling below 1%. Connection Benchmark Fixed issues with Speed Test when WAN is disconnected. Fixed Ping Under Load test not working correctly. Device Manager Device status will update between online and offline much faster. Fixed Device Manager crashes. Fixed Device Manager spam messages about device status. Fixed issue where devices sometimes have no name. Fixed issue when adding a new device causing Rapps to fail. Traffic Controller Fixed Traffic Controller causing DumaOS to fail loading Network Settings Fixed MAC cloning to update the device interface correctly. Removed MAC address cloning toggle, added reset button. Added more special characters for Wi-Fi password entry. Misc. Updated to use new multi-threaded webserver for faster GUI loading. Installation instructions: Download the file above Open DumaOS at or /dumaos/ Click the three dots in the top right of the interface Click Update Click 'Select Upgrade File' and choose the file you just downloaded Click 'Upgrade' and wait about 5 minutes for the update to apply Do not unplug your unit during this time!
  25. Hi Team, I received my new R2 today and instantly noticed that the coverage was much weaker than my old ASUS RT AC58U. I live in a two floor flat and my old ASUS was enough to cover entire two floors of about 1500 SqFt(specially 2.4 Ghz band)..Also, currently, R2 is in my bedroom but i drop 5Ghz in the kitchen which is barely 15m away with 2 walls in between. I expect signal to drop but not drop as much as to disappear from access point search list on phones. So to test, I set both R2 and ASUS side by side on the same table and measure signal strength with Wi-Fi analyzer for android from 1 meter away. I found that i was getting a 30 dB weaker signal on R2. Images attached. AP Name for reference Sharma5 - R2 5GHz Sharma2 - R2 2.4Ghz ASUS_90_5G - Asus 5GHz ASUS_90_2G - Asus 2.4Ghz Is it possible to increase the radio transmission power in software ?? Because if this is the best R2 can do, I would be very disappointed with the purchase and will cost me much more to buy more APs for the rest of the house.
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