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Router purchase

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You need to look at the features to make up your mind really.


Technically you can connect any of them depending on your setup. If you want to connect straight in a modem you need to figure out if you need VLAN tagging and PPPoE support.


R1 = not fast enough for 1GBps internet, also no VLAN tagging support

R2 = No VLAN tagging support


R2 would require your BT home hub to be set in DMZ mode if possible and run it through that.


XR series routers should all support VLAN tagging and PPPoE if needed.


XR300 = Entry level model, not so powerful and would not advise if you run 1GBPs ethernet.

XR500 =  Allround product, solid wifi.

XR700 = Media streaming hulk. The 60GHz wifi is not useful but the 5GHz has same coverage and range as XR500 (same hardware) This thing really only opens op when you have support for 2.5-5-10GBPs networking as you can connect your switch by 10Gbit DAC cable or 2GBps link aggregation. If you connect drives through USB you will get a much higher transferspeed compared to the other models (provided your PC also has multi Gbit support) If you plan on running max 1GBps ethernet then really the features of this thing are not that useful. 

XR1000 = Alround product, comes with WiFI-6 support and therefore it should be faster over wifi than XR500/700.


Software wise they are all more or less identical. R2 probably recieves the fastest updates. On the Netgear side of things XR500 is the most ironed out and their DumaOS beta has come the furthest, while XR1000 is newest so will probaly be updated most regularly from now on.

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1 hour ago, Bert said:

Vous devez regarder les caractéristiques pour vous décider vraiment.


Techniquement, vous pouvez connecter n'importe lequel d'entre eux en fonction de votre configuration. Si vous souhaitez vous connecter directement à un modem, vous devez déterminer si vous avez besoin du marquage VLAN et de la prise en charge PPPoE.


R1 = pas assez rapide pour Internet à 1 Go/s, pas de support de marquage VLAN non plus

R2 = Pas de prise en charge du marquage VLAN


R2 nécessiterait que votre hub domestique BT soit réglé en mode DMZ si possible et l'exécute à travers cela.


Les routeurs de la série XR doivent tous prendre en charge le marquage VLAN et PPPoE si nécessaire.


XR300 = Modèle d'entrée de gamme, pas si puissant et ne conseillerait pas si vous utilisez 1GBPs ethernet.

XR500 = Produit polyvalent, wifi solide.

XR700 = Hulk en streaming multimédia. Le wifi 60 GHz n'est pas utile mais le 5 GHz a la même couverture et la même portée que le XR500 (même matériel). agrégation. Si vous connectez des lecteurs via USB, vous obtiendrez une vitesse de transfert beaucoup plus élevée que les autres modèles (à condition que votre PC prenne également en charge plusieurs Gbits). 

XR1000 = produit Alround, est livré avec le support WiFI-6 et devrait donc être plus rapide sur le wifi que XR500/700.


Du point de vue logiciel, ils sont tous plus ou moins identiques. R2 reçoit probablement les mises à jour les plus rapides. Du côté de Netgear, le XR500 est le plus aplani et sa version bêta de DumaOS est la plus avancée, tandis que le XR1000 est le plus récent et sera donc probablement mis à jour le plus régulièrement à partir de maintenant.

with the xr500 the qos does not work with pppoe on the other xr i don't know

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It's specifically VLAN tagging that triggers the bug, not PPPoE.


I haven't been in the position yet to test this on the newer beta's but there has been no mention in the changelog about adressing this issue.

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1 hour ago, Netduma Fraser said:

It should work better on the beta, is that not the case?

it seems to me pppoe and vlan, personally it was with dhcpv4 orange france the upload part of the qos did not work. I admit that I did not take the time to retry the experience on the beta I just wanted to warn that there could be a problem on this side.

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4 hours ago, BigBeattie said:

Can anyone advise the best Router to purchase that will connect straight into the BT wall Modem for FTTP. Has to support 1GB Internet Also. Does anyone see a real benefit in lobbies ect? 

after to be frank with you if you can connect via your modem without using the vlan or pppoe go for the r2 you will have less good equipment in terms of wifi or processor but you will have updates more quickly and the bone will be much clearer in terms of qos or other .. the netgear models do not mix well between the bugs is the double os (netgear + duma os parameters do not make a good mix) "this is my opinion on my experience for 3 years with the xr500 "

And for the advantages in the lobby if we talk about call of duty the netcode is so bad in this game between the sbmm and the very wobbly servers the good connection feelings will be quite random the big force of netduma is" the geofilter "it could help you ;)

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