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Battlefield Hardline no priority traffic?


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Hi all

A couple nights ago i rebooted my R2 and logged on to play some battlefield Hardline and was noticing a little lag. After id logged out i still had my dashboard up and noticed only a few hundred packets of prioritized traffic had gone through which was odd - playing Battlefield 1 Duma OS Classified games picks up thousands upon thousands of packets. I decided to re-test it again last night with the same result - i know BFH pre-dates the R2 but as other frostbite traffic seems to be prioritized fine i thought id mention it. 

QOS on - auto enable with a high bandwidth allocation to my desktop, Traffic prioritization ON (Duma OS classified games - Frostbite engine) and i also run 1 Traffic controller rule - to allow Battlefield/frostbite traffic all the time.

Battlefield 3 also launches/works off the same battlelog system so il do a test on that also

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