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XR1000 Cant change default admin password. Next page crashes.

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Hi all,

I am encountering an issue with changing the admin password. Before this. I had to reset the router due to unable to reach the router page and was giving the error below.

Failed to readline from 'config get DumaOS_Theme_Version'

After i reset the router, i had to reconfigure everything which is very annoying. Its odd how the DumaOS page bricked itself out of nowhere and required full reset. I have tested with several different browser and clearing cache and cookies and was still unable to reach the page.

Anyhow after i set everything up. I try to change the default admin password to the web page. 

I am unable to change it because it keeps saying connection was reset when i click Apply password. I have cleared cookies/cache. Tried with different computer, laptop and desktop hardwire and wifi. Same issue.

What is causing this issue? I hope i do not have to reset the router again. I am a bit disappointed how there so many little issue with XR1000 and DumaOS that constantly requires factory reset.

See picture


Router Info XR1000 with Verizon FIOs.




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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. It's most likely that has occurred as changing the password kicked you off the interface, if you refresh the page does it ask you to re-login and if so does the new password work? Also are you using Armor?

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10 hours ago, PillCosbyJr said:

Thank you for the quick response.


When i refresh the page. It brings me to the internet setup page. No need to login or enter the password. But its still the old password. No Armor. Expired a while ago

Which browser were you doing this in? Could you perhaps try this in Edge?

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1 hour ago, Netduma Liam said:

Hmm, OK. Perhaps try downloading the Nighthawk App on a mobile device and see if you can make the password change that way?

Where is that setting located where i can change the router admin password?

Account management seems to be email password change and not router

Edit: I figure it out what made it work. I had to check box "Enable Password Reset" in order for me to change the password. Previously this was not the case. May have something to do with the firmware update?

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