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Netduma R2 - QOS - Questions?

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Hi, I would like to ask you some questions.

Come on, in QOS my bandwidth is 200mb down and 100 up.

In traffic priority I only have Xbox-Games Console.

In congestion control I did the tests and the best option was 30% down which is 60mb and 30% up which is 30mb.

My question is here, in bandwidth allocation: If I put 100% for xbox what does it mean? Which will reset all other equipment and control the congestion only on the xbox at 100%? That's it? And these 100% mean what? Will you use the 30% congestion control? 60mb down and 30mb up? That's it?

Can you explain to me exactly?

Another question, if I want to go in advanced on xbox-games console and put ports, which ports do I set for fifa 21?



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https://portforward.com/ will give you every port for every game. Remember to disable upnp if you are going to port forward though to avoid conflicts.  Giving your xbox 100% priority in qos will do exactly that if there is a heavy work load on the network. If you want to give your xbox priority and limit the bandwidth to other devices hen you would have to disable share exxess in the qos options menu.



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ok, I disabled upnp, opened the ports required for xbox live and required by fifa 21, in traffic prioritization I added xbox. what do I do? I put games console default? or do I put games console, advanced, stat from 1 to stop 65535 and the ports I opened from fifa and xbox live? 88, 80, 53, 3074, 3659, 500, 3544, 4500 that's it?

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That's a personal preference really, some like to use the ports specifically, others like to do a manual rule. It will actually be covered by DumaOS Classified Games so you don't need to make a rule.

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