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  1. Hi, I would like to ask you some questions. Come on, in QOS my bandwidth is 200mb down and 100 up. In traffic priority I only have Xbox-Games Console. In congestion control I did the tests and the best option was 30% down which is 60mb and 30% up which is 30mb. My question is here, in bandwidth allocation: If I put 100% for xbox what does it mean? Which will reset all other equipment and control the congestion only on the xbox at 100%? That's it? And these 100% mean what? Will you use the 30% congestion control? 60mb down and 30mb up? That's it? Can you explain to me exactly? Another question, if I want to go in advanced on xbox-games console and put ports, which ports do I set for fifa 21?
  2. How can you make 2 or 3 settings to leave saved? Ex. When my XBOX is on and I'm playing I would like it to be QOS 100% on XBOX. When my XBOX is offline I would like to have another QOS configuration!
  3. Yes it's true. I took the test to do and see ... The FIFA server in South America is rubbish, we depend on him to play, there are days that it is impossible, there are days that run well ... The game has a system of lag compensation which is a disaster .... Any other tips?
  4. Latency has really increased, I'm playing on the xbox series x but the game has become smoother and more fluid ... It's just a test, FIFA is the most junk game that exists in connection in South America.
  5. Hence guys, okay? I would like to know, after configuring the VPN I leave the control at 30% down and 30% up? What is the ideal configuration for playing with VPN?
  6. Good afternoon, would you like to explain to me how to add the fifa 21 server from São Paulo, Brazil?
  7. Hey guys. I liked R2 a lot. My connection has improved a lot. A practical example that I noticed the difference is: Brazil is a very big country, I played FIFA 21 with a friend who is 4000 km away and it was impossible to play, because it had a lot of delay. Now with R2 I can play well. I think the range of the wifi should be greater ... But it's great!
  8. Ok, Ok, I will test ... And to add the xbox to prioritize traffic what options do I put?
  9. What is the best configuration for xbox series x for fifa 21? I left the qos at 50% up and 50% down, 90% priority for the xbox. Congestion control mode? Always or auto? When prioritizing traffic do I leave the default all devices or do I add the xbox?
  10. Okay, I already did that! it worked, thank you. I await the update! I really liked the router! it really works!
  11. Hi, I want the Brazil fifa server. Do what I do to add the servers?
  12. Hello, all right? There is the fifa 21 server in Brazil in São Paulo that does not appear on the heatmap. Thank you if you add.
  13. Why does the ping heatmap not find the fifa21 server in Brazil? Why does my location appear to be in the UK when I am in Brazil? Consequently it does not find the servers in Brazil.
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