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Warzone (SEA Server) VPN

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I'm using a VPN to connect to Warzone because my ISP routing is bad at the moment. Without VPN 50ms to 70ms. With VPN it's 23ms. So you can see why I've opted to route my traffic via a VPN.

Only issue takes very long to get games. But whenever it does get a game it's 23ms. Now my NAT type without VPN is Open. I've setup a DMZ. With VPN it's moderate. How does one setup an Open port with a VPN. The VPN protocol I use it PPTP. Since that protocol doesn't add much overhead and it's good when I game. Please help thanks 👍

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Problem is usually that the VPN doesn't forward the ports and there is not much you can do about it.


It doesn't matter for warzone though unless you play in parties. For the connection to the dedicated server open or moderate NAT makes no difference.


The reason searching for matches in SEA takes a long time is the low playercount. When I am in that region I also geofilter the SEA server, if I don't I play 80% of my games on the Japanese server. That's 6v6 CoD though. I don't play Warzone much.

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