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new buyer xr500.i have a problem

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i mean he saiy i have to enter admin and password ,what i have to write?



edit,i did  that finally,but now i have another issue. i cant find destiny 2 geo filter ..i can only find destiny for pc .im from xbox series x

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9 minutes ago, destinyplayer said:

okok,i did that...

i have another question,what i have to do for running geo filter on destiny 2?,im tryng but give me always "cabbage error"
what settings i have to do?

thank you

There is a server in the middle of the US that will appear blocked while loading into a game, add this to your allow list and then it will work

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15 hours ago, destinyplayer said:

i authroized thet riangle server in the middle of us ,but still give me cabbage error .im from italy

When searching for a game, are you seeing any more blocked servers on the Geo-filter map? 

Could you provide a screenshot of your current Geo-filter map?

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