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  1. i thought it was different on. a mac,anyways whats the difference with the beta ?
  2. hi everyone im trying to understand where and how to downalod dumaos for macbooc air,thanks for the help
  3. same here ,i have xr500,what i have to do
  4. i authroized thet riangle server in the middle of us ,but still give me cabbage error .im from italy
  5. i have another issue now,when i try to join on dumaos via routerlogin.net,the page still loading and dnt let me join
  6. ghost lobby are ok now? i cant understand spanish sorry if it is ok,can someone explain what to do ...thanks
  7. and after i allowed t,i can geo filter i can select any region ?
  8. okok,i did that... i have another question,what i have to do for running geo filter on destiny 2?,im tryng but give me always "cabbage error" what settings i have to do? thank you
  9. i mean he saiy i have to enter admin and password ,what i have to write? edit,i did that finally,but now i have another issue. i cant find destiny 2 geo filter ..i can only find destiny for pc .im from xbox series x
  10. hello,thank u when I do this, it shows me my internet service provider's screen. I would like to understand, xr500 must be connected to the modem and the modem must be connected to the pc right?
  11. hi, i bought an xr500, but i can't download the dumaos software on the pc. i tried to follow the video guide, but i can't select the router on my pc. it seems that the pc't see it doesn
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