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Connecting servers in NA from Korea

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Some of my friends are using Netgear Nighthawk to connect Rainbow Six Siege servers in west US. Cuz in Asia Rainbow Six XBOX match matching is dead.

So I bought Netduma R2 trying to do the same using Geofilter. However, it only connects to my closest server which is one in Japan.

West US server ping is about 130~150ms (from Korea). 

Can you check if I did right?

I put radius only in West US region and tried ping assist from 0 to 200 and still doesn't work.

what am I missing here?

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Can you provide a screenshot of the entire Geo-Filter page please?

Also what platform are you playing on?

Are you making these changes to the Geo-Filter while you're already on the game?

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i tried it on XBOX and PS4. Neither of them worked. Now i rebooted then xbox worked. Let me try PS4. (PS4 also working)


Btw, I had a issue with accessing dumaOS as well. After I factory reset and unplugged power then it worked again. it seems there are other ppl having this issue as well.


And also my PS4 NAT type shows 2. Previously it was 1 with my old router. XBOX is open NAT though... I went through this forum and tried few but my ps4 shows still NAT type 2.


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No I didn't make changes while I'm on the game. I spent 4hours trying this and that. rebooting PC rebooting xbox ps4 and stuffs. finally don't know what's the problem but it worked after i rebooted R2

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