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Combined Modem Router

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Guest Killhippie
6 minutes ago, Newfie said:

No, it’s best not to have a modem built in because a reboot can effect lines with DLM which slows your line down, in the U.K. this is an issue and maybe other countries too. 

I agree, the DLM system monitors disconnections and ES etc so it will slow your line down until it sees stability as it may assume your line is flapping. ES can slow your line down as follows (see below). If you disconnect your modem leave it off for over 15 minutes, turn the router off first and then hopefully the DLM wont see the line as faulty. An all in one unit that needs rebooting with regularity would be a nightmare on VDSL2. ES can be caused by bad wiring a bad router or a faulty modem or RFI/EMI feeding back though the modem.

1 - 288 ES per day = Green
288 - 2880 ES per day = Amber (no DLM action)
2880 - 86400 ES per day = Red (DLM takes action)

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