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I'm planning to buy a new Netgear but i need more info.

1. What are the differences between XR700 and XR1000?
2. Why the XR1000 cost less than XR700?

I have already a Netgear XR500 and i play Destiny 2. Until july/august the Geo-Filter works fine, now it causes a lot of problems. I know that the XR300 and XR500 have the matchmaking issue.

I've read in other topics that the XR700 has no problems but what about the XR1000? Does it work fine as well?
If i purchase the XR700, did i'll get future updates or it will cause problems like the XR500?


Also, on Destiny 2 i'm getting rabbit errors, how do i resolve this?

I'm italian, my ISP is Fastweb.


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I would personally recommend the XR1000 as it comes with 3.0 preinstalled, it has AX WiFi so it is future proofed. 

The XR700 I don't believe they're making any more units outside of the stock available. 

I haven't seen anyone playing Destiny on the 1000 so far so I couldn't speak to that issue. I would suggest not using the Geo-Filter for Destiny at the moment while we look into it.

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15 minutes ago, SimplyChris said:

@Netduma Fraser is there a way to resolve the rabbit error? 

We're looking into issues with Destiny, basically they've done some updates and it's not fully compatible now so I'd suggest not using the filter and then you shouldn't get any errors. If you do use it then strict mode should be disabled but you may see errors still.

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