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  1. Basically a VPN filters the location and maybe the connection. The results are another location with another IP and a slow connection right? So how it works this Hybrid VPN? What i'm interested to know if it filters the connection resulting more slow than normal and if yes, how can i improve it? Does the QoS useful in this case?
  2. Please let us know when you guys release this cloud update
  3. @Saint-14 Can you send me the invite link for Discord?
  4. @Netduma Fraser is there a way to resolve the rabbit error?
  5. I'm planning to buy a new Netgear but i need more info. 1. What are the differences between XR700 and XR1000? 2. Why the XR1000 cost less than XR700? I have already a Netgear XR500 and i play Destiny 2. Until july/august the Geo-Filter works fine, now it causes a lot of problems. I know that the XR300 and XR500 have the matchmaking issue. I've read in other topics that the XR700 has no problems but what about the XR1000? Does it work fine as well? If i purchase the XR700, did i'll get future updates or it will cause problems like the XR500? Also, on Destiny 2 i'm getting rabbit errors, how do i resolve this? I'm italian, my ISP is Fastweb.
  6. @braido1x Thanks! Anyway, i'm italian, i'm playing from Italy
  7. @braido1x https://www.twitch.tv/videos/598262160 This guy has got 5 K/D and he always find noob lobbies. He play on PS4 so first you need to turn off the Crossplay to find those lobbies more easy but i'm pretty sure that he has got a Netgear with a Geo-Filter set somewhere. Also, i will try with the Middle East, thank you! @Netduma Fraser It's a solution but i'm sure that there's something to do to get those lobbies. Anyway, i've got another question for you, there are any news about the Geo-Filter issue for Destiny 2?
  8. I've always wondered how the streamers can find lobbies with "noob" players and now what i know is that by using a Netgear you can trick the SBMM and find easy lobbies (but i'm not 100% sure). I don't like to play always competitive on Warzone or Multiplayer matches, i prefer to play quiet. What i'm asking is (if possible) how did i need to setup my router in order to get those easy lobbies? I have a Netgear XR500
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