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FIFA 21 issue

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Merry Christmas!

I'm going to right my experience with the Netduma R2 and FIFA 21. 

You can read in rough edges how the matchmaking system works here.

The problem i had before getting the R2, was that three servers have almost the same ping (54 to 56) so the game would randomly connect to Netherlands, Italy (both bad laggy servers) or Germany (the one that works best). 

R2 has eliminated this issue and i only connect to the German server. 

The issue using R2 is that when i try to play a friendly game, i get randomly connected to servers all around the world. Geo filter blocks those games but i shouldn't be getting connected to those servers at first place. 

I honestly have no idea if this is an EA issue or an R2 issue. Please look into it, as the R2 is very popular among the FIFA community. Thank you!

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My location is Eastern Europe and the game tries to connect me across the Ocean. 

This happens only when i try to play a friendly game. Eventually, i will get an opponent in the server i want but can take up to 15 minutes. 

Please look into this.


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So it is working but it is too slow to find an opponent, that indicates your settings are too restrictive which they do appear to be. As you're in the EU generally you should have good connections to a majority of the servers/players so I would suggest widening your settings and that should speed up game times.

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Already tried that. Makes no difference.

The thing is i shouldn't be getting anywhere near those remote servers. The issue happens only when the geo filter is on and only in friendlies.

If i turn the filter off, I'm getting matched only in one of the servers close to my location. Unfortunately, Italian and Dutch servers,  make my game unplayable. I can only use the German server. 


As I told you i have no idea if it is a router or EA issue, I'm just reporting that this issue exists. Other FIFA game modes work perfectly. 

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I've experienced this with a Duma R1 and a Duma R2 and I am convinced it's an EA server problem. 

Try closing the FIFA application and starting again. That seems to sometimes fix the problem. 

There was one day a few weeks ago where everyone on the FIFA Community was getting 200ms games in friendlies for a few hours. 

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