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Hi just purchased a cm1000 modem and a xr500 gaming router. It was recommended after doing plenty of research. I am having an issue where my internet will stop working both wired and wireless connections. Was working the day I got it then the next day coming home from work it wasn’t. Restarted my modem then everything was working again. Talked to my ISP and had a tech come out, tested everything and said all download and upload speeds were good so I’m assuming it has to do with my hardware. Anybody know why my internet keeps going out or if there’s an official fix for this? I was updated to the latest firmware but after doing some research it seems like this is kind of a common problem? Found an older post and downgraded my firmware yesterday and it was working ok, I’ll find out how well it’s working when I get home tonight. 

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you're having this issue. What is your exact physical setup? What is the model of the modem - does it provide WiFi? 

There is a known issue which NG are looking into at the moment. Let us know if it continues on the downgraded version.

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