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I'm getting a bad rating on my connection benchmark. When I run a speedtest, my connection speeds are averaging 942 Down and 42 Up. But when I use the connection benchmark in netduma it says my download speed is around 400 and upload is where it should be (in the 40's) I included pics to show what I'm seeing and every benchmark I run seems to be this way. Is the netduma benchmark giving false readings or is there a bug? Any suggestions?




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The speed part of Connection Benchmark needs to be improved currently so it won't always show you your full speeds, particularly if you have very fast speeds, that's something we're working on. Your Ping Test Under Load results are very high so I would recommend you use 'Always' for Congestion Control and experiment with the percentages to try and bring that down as much as possible.

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2 hours ago, Kahari said:

I’ve tried to mess with the sliders and did what you suggested but it seems like nothing is working. The ping under load is still very high. Is there anything else I should try to lower it?

You're upload speed in DumaOS is set to 1Gbps, whereas its actually around 40Mbps. Change this in QoS -> three-line menu in Congestion Control -> Set Bandwidth speeds.

This should improve your score a bit.

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