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Cold War Bandwidth settings

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Hi All, just a quick couple of questions my R2 is throttled down very low around 2dl and 1ul as per the ping test .  However when in game  Cold War if I go to settings and over to network I see my full bandwidth displayed.  1) how does it know my actual bandwidth from the ISP ?  ( sounds  stupid question ).  2 ).  How can I  change it to match what I have throttled to and does it make a difference ? When I check my speeds on the Xbox within connection it shows 2dl and 1ul as per my R2 ...


Thanks All 

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If the console is showing the correct speeds then either the game is doing something fancy (unlikely), it's testing on a port that's being prioritized or it is going off what you have had before. I don't think it will make a difference at all but you could try disabling Traffic Prio and see if it changes.

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