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Warzone - Ping Heatmap shows server with low ping but I can't seem to get on it


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In the images below, you can see there is a server listed on the ping heatmap for CoD Warzone. It has by far the best ping of any of the servers, however I can never seem to connect to it, which is funny since I'm in NC, just one state below. I've tried all of the options I've found here on the forums for isolating to a specific server, I will list them below for the sake for transparency:

Methods tried: 

- GeoFilter radius of 400 km, which this server fits in and is the only one in scope.

- Polygon mode with a box directly over this server's location on the map. 

- Geofilter with no radius and a ping assist value set to different values that should only allow this server (20 ms, 25 ms, 27 ms, 30 ms)

- have tried clearing cloud cache, adding / removing my PS4 etc and rinse, repeat the rules above. 


It is worth noting that I have connected to several servers in the Virginia area but never any with this specific IP address which is always there on Ping Heatmap (and is the only one I can see there).


Thanks in advance 




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