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  1. @Waka4412 - also, any particular reason why you have 2 traffic prio rules instead of just combining into 1 with 30000:65535 as destination?
  2. Hi Fraser, Thank you for the tips. Unfortunately, I already have data collection disabled and from some of your other comments, I've seen where you mentioned disabling WAN protections as suggestions, so those have also been off. The only thing I have enabled at the moment is "allow ping" and "spanning tree protocol" (bc I have a small switch downstream). I can try disabling those though if you think it will help.
  3. Niceee! That is super helpful info. Thank you. I will for sure give that a go. I have played around a bit with limiting the connection speed on PC and it seems like I can't go lower than like 10 Mb down before I end up getting kicked from games or experience crazy lag at times, which is not the case on console. So, I guess it could be something else running in the background on my pc but I've disabled almost all other unnecessary services.
  4. Hi Liam, My old router is an ASUS, that has a ton of built-in telemetry and tracking, which effects the routers performance, specifically when it comes to gaming. I only mention that as to elude to why I wanted to get rid of it in the first place and move to R2. After getting the R2, initially it worked great, especially in Warzone, then came all the disconnects. Sometime after getting the R2 I upgraded my internet plan to be the "1 Gb" plan offered by my ISP. I called them yesterday to look into the download speed issues to see if there were any problems they could see on their side. No issues they could see and as mentioned above modem straight to PC works fine. I understand there may be some loss in the actual routing of traffic so I don't expect all clients to fully get 1 Gb down. At some point I will put my old router in between my modem and the R2, I suppose I'll need to add static routes for gaming devices to avoid double NAT. In your other response about the disconnects you mention wifi specifically - I just wanna clarify to say that whenever this problem happens for me, it is not just wifi that is stops working, its everything on the downstream of the router.
  5. Just as a follow up: I'm still experiencing issues not getting all of the available connection bandwidth that I should be with my plan. Below there are 2 different sets of 3 speed tests. Set A is with my PC hard wired directly into my modem and Set B is with my PC hard wired into my router, which is hardwired into my modem. tldr: PC to Modem: Consistent downloads above 900 Mbps and uploads right around 40 Mbps PC to NetDuma R2 to Modem: Consistent downloads around 600 Mbps and uploads around 38 - 40 Mbps. No Netduma: With Netduma: speed tests were taken with: spectrum.com/speedtest (ISP Provided), speedtest.net, and dslreports.com Given these results, I can say unequivocably that the R2 is the cause and losing 300+ Mbps in download speed. This is a significant performance issue for a router that was $175 and 300 Mbps is not a small amount, I'm losing more in download bandwidth than what a lot of people get period. Up to this point, I've been very patient, understanding and willing to deal with it but now not only am I getting disconnected from the internet every other day (or more), I'm losing 1/3 of my bandwidth, and experiencing some other odd connectivity issues while working from home. I would like to get this escalated as much as possible and I'm willing to help look into what's going on if someone wants to give me SSH access to the router. All of these issues have persisted with both the previous software version and the latest version. Can someone please address this, directly, without any assumptions that it is my ISP or other non-R2 issues?
  6. @Waka4412 - sorry for the delayed response, haven't been on here for a bit. Tbh, I'm pretty frustrated with this router at the moment. Constant disconnects are preventing any sort of tweaking / testing to find optimal settings. I just got a PC for gaming and couldn't be further off in finding optimal settings, at this point its just a guessing game so I usually end up getting frustrated and turn off congestion control and traffic prio completely. I've also been looking at ways to tweak Windows specifically for gaming and low latency in order to isolate potential issues between the two. I've made some pretty good progress on the windows side and have been able to get in game ping down to 19s in some lobbies which is pretty crazy. But to answer you question - I have no idea what settings to use for Duma + PC Warzone, I can say pretty confidently that the settings used on PS5/PS4/Xbox do not seem to work as well on PC, at least for me.
  7. Just ran another benchmark, with exception of the initial upload on loaded ping, everything looks pretty solid.
  8. Thanks @DanyKTM, I have actually tried that as well in my testing, the results have been hit and miss. Some days it worked good and other days not as much. Its hard to really pin point what's going on. @Netduma Fraser - I don't really recall how the jitter looked previously but I do remember that any time I've seen the jitter baseline on the normal ping test (not under load) it has been pretty low, similar to what is shown in the image above. FWIW the other day, I stared with QoS Enabled at 100% and did benchmark tests all the way down to 1%, in 5% increments, and the ping variation was negligible, say 17 ms to 22 ms. So 5 ms and some of that could've been caused by other factors entirely. I don't really know.
  9. Yea, that particular benchmark is a bit of an oddity. It typically is not like that and more stable. Here is a pic from a test I just did. Either way, the thing is the settings I had used previously went from working one day to not working the next day - to clarify, by "working" I mean improving Warzone gameplay. So, I'm not sure that it is related to any specific set of QoS settings. I've still been experimenting with things here and there, so far the only thing that has given decent results is to limit my connection speed to something really low - which sucks and I don't want to do it but otherwise I don't really stand a chance.
  10. Hi - thanks for the response. In game ping seems to be mostly the same as far as I can tell, anywhere from ~40 ms - 90 ms at times. Rarely every goes over 100. Geo filter - I don't really recall specific ping times of servers but the ranges I usually see seem to be similar. However, on the Ping Heatmap there are only 2 servers in the US that respond as some shades of off-green and I'm pretty sure they're not even actual servers, I've tried looking up their IP info with no luck, while I can find info on others. Connection Benchmark as of a few minutes ago: (Note - I've mentioned this before in another thread and even you and I have talked about it in the same thread, but my ISP download plan is for 900 Mbps, I never get over 600 with the R2, so I just capped it in recent testing to see if that helps at all).
  11. Hello, Since the Cold War integration into Warzone, I have experienced significantly more latency in game and all previous settings that worked just prior to the integration or "Season 1" seemingly have no effect or at least not the same effect. This comes after several weeks of the best gameplay experience I've had with Warzone after getting my R2 and playing several weeks just before the end of season 6. The gameplay was nearly perfect in terms of what I would expect, bullets were registering great, I was getting tons of kills, and double my total wins in a few weeks. This absolutely proved what I was already thinking that most of the time I die in direct gun fights because the opponent has some sort of network based advantage. I'm not saying I should win every gun fight nor am I the best player around but it is beyond obvious that there is more than "skill" at play when people are bullet sponges and you get instant melted. During my brief time of bliss, my overall K/D went up .2 points (still rising a bit) and nothing about my play style changed. Now, nothing I do seems to make a difference. It's back to getting insta-melted. Gulag is especially when its most noticeable. There have been multiple times where I will see someone and from my point of view they're just clearing an edge / stepping into a lane but if I watch the kill cam they're about 5-10 (virtual) ft away from the edge that I just watched them clear. To make matters worse, these effects are even worse on next gen consoles - I have both XSX and PS5, XSX is the worst and borderline unplayable while PS5 isn't much better. PS4 is overall the "best" experience but still not good at all. I'm struggling with what to try to do here as there is no other explanation for everything to just suddenly change over night, you don't go from getting tons of kills and multiple 10+ kill games a day to struggling to win a gunfight let alone get maybe 4-5 kills if I'm lucky. I did see another user's post about PC RAM and XSX fast resume mode (I'll link it here if I can find it again) and tried doing their suggestion of hard resetting XSX to force clear any cache which may cause latency but it hasn't helped yet. Ideally, I would prefer to play on XSX for 120 FPS but right now I'm just watching myself die in higher detail, so not so great. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, any changes you've made to fix the issue(s)? My current settings change as I'm tweaking all the time, desperately trying to get it back to how it was but I often just mess around with the normal things: traffic prio, congestion control, etc, etc. Not really sure what to do next aside from just trying to find another game to play. Thanks for any info.
  12. For me getting moderate NAT is as simple as disabling UPnP and any Port Forwarding rules. If your console is online and connected at the time you will likely need to reboot it or refresh the network connection somehow as in my experience it doesn't seem that disabling UPnP from the console kills the active connections. Of course you will need to also close the game as well and re-initialize the connection to CoD servers to get NAT status to update. Also - you can get moderate NAT type by connecting to a VPN using the Hybrid VPN config and adding your console. I will echo what @l2eactionz says about moderate NAT type feeling a bit better in terms of "fairness" and what others have said here and on other threads about the better I make my connection / lower my ping the worse my experience is. I understand this is the exact opposite of what the Duma hopes to accomplish but the reality is gameplay just does not seem to be better this way.
  13. @Kfetish The time you're referring to, when everything was working great - was that just before the integration of Cold War in Warzone (prior to the launch of "Season 1" I suppose)? Basically, does it seem like everything changed after Cold War integration? Because I can say for certain that something is different for me now, almost back to the pre-Duma feeling of getting insta-melted, shots not registering as well, I shoot first / die first, etc. It is becoming very frustrating, even more so after the state of bliss that I was in just before the end of last season, gameplay was so crisp, people were dying as they should be, getting tons of kills and wins. I'm kind of at a loss and tired of tweaking settings to see if I may be able to get it back to where it was.
  14. Just as an FYi and easier solution to keep using UPnP - (I can only speak for Xbox Series X, I don't know about other Xbox versions) you can change the port that is used for online services and its quite easy to achieve open NAT on multiple consoles. On Xbox just go to Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Change Port and pick any of the provided options that are not 3074. Then you may have to test NAT type afterwards but you should now have an open NAT where one console is using default port and the other is using a non-default port.
  15. Just wanna make sure I understand what you're saying - so you had a hardwired connection previously, then you switched to wireless and moved the console further from the router and now you have no packet burst?
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