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Wifi performance

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you can test that with WiFi Sweetspots(device dependant) the link rate will never achieve that, no AC1200 on a 866 rate will get that rate. The most I’ve achieved is around 450 which is pretty good to be honest. 
That’s the max throughput achievable from a device to router. I can’t get with a iPad Pro over 585mbps  on a top tier WiFi 6 router using AC. A friend on the latest iPad Pro achieves 630Mbps on the same router in his property and that’s with a theoretical connection rate of over 1700mbps. 

This is where confusion sits as specs will give you massive figures on achievable throughput but in reality it’s never achievable. A WiFi analyser will show you the theoretical rate but the throughput will never get anywhere near that.

If you are saying that somehow the Wi-Fi is not broadcasting its proper achievable maximum bandwidth rate could you perhaps take a photo of a Wi-Fi analyser and show the specs for us to have a look at.
This will show us the band, the bandwidth setting and the achievable max bandwidth.

so for example I’m on the firmware linked in a separate thread, I’m on a 5 Ghz on a 20Mhz bandwidth setting and the max rate for that is 173.4Mbps but my max throughput is just 26Mbps. It’s really low however it’s an old MacBook so I look again using my iPad and it’s around 104Mbps so more inline with what I expect to see on a 173.4 connection rate. To increase the throughput you would select 40Mhz or 80Mhz.

so to see what’s going on with your WiFi we need to see a max rate figure on a WiFi analyser via a pc or Mac and then a test via WiFi Sweetspots on a fairly modern device as the test is dependant on device. The reason I suggest WiFi Sweetspots is the company behind it are well know in telecom world and it’s not some mickey mouse speed test app. 
I find it hard to believe your routers connection rate is 30Mbps which is why I’m asking for the above.


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Here is an example of what the app shows for me today. Notice it’s below 500Mbps and that’s due to background noise which alters through the day.

This what I would like to see on your test, it would show the connection rate in real time. I’ll never achieve that as I don’t have a package capable of utilising this throughput but it does indicate what kind of speeds I could achieve on moving large files around on an internal network.




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30 minutes ago, scoobypreza said:

Your missing the point m8 the link speed is only  30mbps not talking about throughput  so if I go to the wifi settings on a device and lock at the quality of the connection its at 30mbps not testing throughput 


Will you please show the link rate on a pc or Mac using a WiFi analyser, not a phone or mobile device. I want to see what it’s recording as its rate. There are plenty of free ones. Include the whole path. I want to see if it’s recording 866 for example. I’ve posted a screen above to help you. I’m not after the link rate of a device, I want to see what the router is broadcasting as its link rate. I’ve yet to ever see a router with a 30Mbps link rate on 5Ghz. 
What is your 5Ghz bandwidth set on ie 40 or 80?

Also install WiFi Sweetspots and show the screen. Those together will point to an issue. The link rate you showed means nothing, I need a proper reading from the router.


 Unless you supply that I can’t help any further after all we want to see is for you to get a better connection. 

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Fixed my WiFi issues. If you have you’re old router then I suggest putting it in AP mode and bypassing the R2 WiFi. It’s worth a shot and it’s just until the R2 WiFi issues get sorted out. I put my XR700 in AP mode and no WiFi issues at all. 

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