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Not having luck with the XR500 - is it me?

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Hi all,

Can anyone send a guide for good settings in the XR500? 

Especially around setting up WiFi properly. This is a brand new device, RMA replacement as the old one was losing Internet connection to wired and wireless devices.

The new router now has an issue with WiFi devices just dropping out, they go to reconnect and state that we have an incorrect password and, then after a few minutes devices will establish a connection. A few minutes later lose connection and the process will repeat it self.

I also noticed a load of random Huawei devices had connected to the router. I did have guest wifi enabled with a password, so i have disabled that. Did a factory reset via the little button at the back (Which didn't do much) it seemed to keep most of the settings and devices which I was hoping to start from scratch. I did a mass clear of the devices by manually removing them. I changed the WiFi password and now all devices are connecting, then disconnecting still. 

Does anyone have any ideas to help? Fraser you're usually the hero to the rescue? I am at the verge of putting this XR500 in the bin.

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Hi, I replied to you in your other topic:

Ask and I shall appear!

Sorry to hear you've having this issue, especially on a replacement. The first thing I'd suggest is that you disable Smart Connect - some devices do not cope well switching between 2.4/5GHz on one SSID. Then use a WiFi analyzer to find the least congested channels and change to those. Also make sure the router itself is not close to any other electrical devices or any that utilize Wireless e.g. headphones as these could all interfere with the router.

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