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  1. Finally found a solution. I swapped the XR450 for a Linksys MR9000 Max-Stream AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 5 Router - UPnP worked out of the box and all 3 Xboxes have open NAT.
  2. Which firmware? I recently upgraded to .66 and have seen a ton of issues with connections dropping including the ONT connection to the internet.
  3. UPDATE - just read several posts with similar issues (and lengthy failed troubleshooting attempts,) the one common item is the .66 firmware was recently installed... Hi All, Hoping to find some assistance here ASAP. We have 4 kids home schooling so connectivity is a must have! The other day the "wifi went out" suddenly on my kids. Then I noticed my work laptop went offline also (which is hardwired back to a netgear prosafe 16 port switch, which is connected to the router.) All of my traffic goes through the switch. I have a Linksys Velop mesh wifi with 4 nodes all wired back to the switch. After rebooting the Velop system and the XR450 connectivity came back on. Then the wifi was spotty and noticed that only 2 of the nodes were connected to the network. Power cycled those and they came back on. I went into the Device Manager and noticed that 25% of my devices (all which I have named) did not have IP addresses. There were duplicate entries for some with their "natural" device names. I went through and cleanded all that up) Now some devices still drop connection to the network and sometimes reconnect if I power cycle them, sometimes they don't. The WebUI is sometimes responsive and somtimes won't load anything at all (wired connect, full access to other websites.) I have a 1 GB connection. Any suggestions as to what might have caused this? Maybe the latest firmware is bugged? I'm rebooting the router every couple of hours (when the issue happens) which works for a short time. DumaOS A7Legit Netduma OS won't load anything on routerlogin.net or directly (or loads slowly and sometimes times out) - other websites load fine (wired connection) Nighthawk mobile app working intermittently ver. XR450 firmware devices keep randomly disconnecting and won't reconnect some devices in device manager don't have IP addresses rebooted router multiple times, rebooted all affected devices using linksys velop for wifi (bridge mode) - these devices also lost connection and needed to be rebooted also happening with hard wired devices have seen at least one error message "cannot resolve ip address" on one wifi device (android tablet)
  4. Just to be clear, the .101 Xbox on the default 3074 works flawlessly with port forwarding and static IP regardless of all these other changes to the .100 Xbox. And, the Xbox NAT is open without doing anything on all Xboxes, this is all strictly related to the NAT in CoD MW. Ok, I turned off DMZ and Open NAT filtering and immediately got Moderate NAT on the .100 in CoD. So we know port forwarding by itself doesn't solve this. I already tired port forwarding ONLY previously and resulted in Moderate NAT in game. Set up Open NAT filtering + Port Forwarding and rebooted the router and xbox .100 = Open NAT Set up DMZ ONLY and rebooted the router and xbox .100 = moderate NAT Set up Open NAT filtering ONLY and rebooted the router and xbox .100 = moderate NAT Set up DMZ + Open NAT filtering and rebooted the router and the xbox .100 = Open NAT So it seems like there are two solutions - 1 and 4. In both cases Open NAT filtering is required but, Open NAT filtering on its own does not result in Open NAT in CoD for me. So which is these approaches would be recommended and why? If I use DMZ + Open NAT Filtering will that be a "universal" solution so I don't need to create Port Forwarding rules for any other games?
  5. Finally got it to work - not sure what actually got it working. Here's what I did: set up all xboxes with static IP's - .100, .101, .102. set up alternate ports on two .100 using port 52553, .102 using port 51138, .101 is using the automatic/default port 3074 set up all port fwd rules on xbox .101 (port 3074) https://support.activision.com/articles/ports-used-for-call-of-duty-games set up all port fwd rules on xbox .100 (alt port 52553) and .102 (alt port 51138) moved .100 to DMZ Set NAT from Secure to Open don't love doing this as it was unnecessary with my mediocre FiOS Quantum Gateway router! Rebooted the router and reset each Xbox after attempting various combinations of the above. I'm not sure if any of this is redundant (port fwd AND dmz at the same time? - didn't work until i did all three at the same time.) I haven't attempted the 3rd Xbox yet, but as of right now, I have Open NAT on CoD on two consoles. Here are the settings. Please let me know if there's any way to tidy these up!
  6. Sorry - I'm using the XR450, geo filter is turned off and UPnP is on. I'm using an XR450 with UPnP turned on. My network setup is :ONT -> XR450 -> LAN. No other router or modem between the router and the ONT/outside world. If I open NAT completely, doesn't that effectively turn off the firewall protection on the router?
  7. Hi All, We have a large family with 3 Xboxes and I'm trying to get open NAT for COD MW on all three. I have open NAT when I run the NAT test on each console. When I launch the MW game however, the game is showing moderate NAT. All three consoles have a static IP - .100, .101, and .103. I moved .100 into the DMZ and that one has open NAT on the game and console. Any suggestions on how to get MW to open NAT status on the other two? Having multiple consoles I use the alternate port feature on all 3. Can I set up port forwarding rules for each to solve for this? Are there any other options? Thanks!
  8. Hi, Some of my devices have mutilple IP addresses (an iPad for example.) I'm using DHCP and no static IP addresses. Is this normal/expected behavior with the router? Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I have an XR450 as my only gateway/router (replaced FiOS gateway) connected directly to FiOS ONT on a 1GB connection. I have multiple Netgear switches and a LinkSys Velop mesh wifi network with 4 nodes. All 4 nodes are on a wired backhaul to a 16 port netgear switch (12/16 ports are in use.) The switch connects to the router. Pretty straight forward set up. Literally all devices show up as wired. My old FiOS router showed me which devices were actually wired and which were connected wirelessly. Is there any way to fix this in the XR450? Attached is the screenshot. As you can see, this view is not very helpful when trying to use the network map to manage devices as the network is not actually mapped correctly. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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