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Ping Increasing


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Great thanks for this. It appears to me as though it is really dependent on when you do the test i.e.:

  • Time of day 
  • How saturated the network is at the time
  • CC sliders

I don't think it's specifically to do with whether the Xbox is on or off. What I'd suggest is basically what you're doing now, do the tests around peak time and heavily saturate the connection and find the best CC sliders that lowers it the most. Looks like it could be between 40-60% or above 80%.

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Network not loaded. XBOX OFF

Slider both at 80%

Note the spikes on the ping plotter graph, these are when the R2 is running the ping under load tests, first the high upload ramp and then the sawtooth download profile can clearly be seen back to back as the test progresses. It then settles down after the test.


40% coming up next...

Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 22.05.23.png


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I've just worked out why there appears to be differences in the ping under load between the two states of XBOX power, Congestion Control!

Congestion Control was set to auto, so when the xbox was on, the system was trying to optimise ping, hence the low readings, when it was off, the optimisation was off too. So in that respect, it's working as described.

When I just tried another test with the XBOX OFF and Congestion Control set to always, I got the same low pings as when the XBOX was ON.

That being the case, the only way to test for the best slider settings is to either select "Always" when testing, or have the gaming device switched on. I think I probably missed something in the instructions somewhere. 😀

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