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Traffic Prioritization


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Glad you're loving the look!

  1. We did have a list but it is a bit outdated now so I will request the team to provide an updated list but most AAA games should be supported with this option.
  2. Yes it should be included. The results would be the same in either case, I'd suggest only manually making a rule if Classified Games doesn't work for the list - if this happens let us know and we can update it.
  3. I would first recommend you put the TP Link in AP mode, that will allow any devices - as well as the wired device to appear as though they are directly connected to the R2 and therefore you can prioritize the device if needed.
  4. I would recommend you enable Congestion Control to best eliminate any local congestion.
  5. I would suggest using the 'Auto Setup' option on Congestion Control, this will give you the best settings for your connection. If prioritizing for latency suggests settings that are too low then repeat it but prioritizing for bandwidth instead.
  6. It really depends but most of the time it will prioritize if you're in the menu and if not definitely when you're in the game itself playing.
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Understood, didn't realize it was a powerline/wifi extender so you can ignore that and to answer the original question I would prioritize the console itself.

No, each panel options are exclusive to them essentially, the only way to truly disable Bandwidth Allocation is to disable QoS completely in the Congestion Control option menu. You can do that if you like, just give the PS4 about 50% of the upload. If other devices are using the internet at the same time I would highly recommend using Congestion Control as you're likely to have lag otherwise.

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DumaOS Classified Games is made up of the same list that the Geo-Filter PC list is made up of... So basically, if you add a non-console device to the Geo-Filter, the list of games that comes up as options are the ones in DumaOS Classified Games. Here's the current list:

Apex Legends
Call of Duty (PC Only)
Destiny (PC)
Division 2
Frostbite Engine (Battlefield, Battlefront, etc.)
GeForce Now
Guild Wars
League of Legends
Source Engine (CS:GO, DOTA 2, TF2 etc)
Unreal Engine (Fortnite, PUBG, etc)
World Of Warcraft

DumaOS Classified Games also includes all UDP traffic from devices which are classified as consoles. Make sure your consoles have been correctly identified in Device Manager.

Setting up your games and devices individually in Traffic Prioritization can be useful if you find that DumaOS Classified Games is prioritizing too much stuff. There would be no point in using both at the same time though.

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