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traffic prioritization

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It can display the incorrect tickrate yes. But I think this just happens when the timing between packets is off for example. A 60Hz server sends an update every 16.6ms. Say one of the packets is delayed and you get it after 23ms and the next after 10ms etc. In CoD I often see it flip between 30 and 120Hz for example while actual is 60Hz. You get the best connection experience when it displays actual close to 60Hz, in my opinion. 


Also I don't know H5 specific but aiming is usually client side, but with a bit of leeway. It's called input prediction. You can walk, aim etc without ack from the server and the server predicts/extrapolates your next move, up to a certain point. If prediction and what happens on your screen is deviating too much though the client will reset your position from info it got from the server's game state. This is the rubber banding you would get under heavy lag and packet loss. I would not think this would cause heavy aiming though as you normally have some leeway in this.


It might also have to do with aim assist. I know from CoD that aim assist can sometimes cause some annoying disturbances like actually keeping you off the target. If you aim in and you are straight on target it's ok, but if you need to drag it over it will sometimes just stick next to the target.

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Thanks Bert for your reply.. My tick rate for H5 is 60 host and 60 client.. Those two are always the same for me.. Which is a good thing..  It also makes sense how one could possible see an incorrect tick rate if a packet gets delayed..

H5 for me plays pretty good for the most part.. But once in a great while there will be a game that just seems slow.. Very sluggish..Heavy aim.. Its strange.. I know they have had this issue for sometime and have been trying to correct it.. 

Thanks again for your reply Bert.. Have a good one!


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