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XR500 to XR500 client-gateway config questions

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So , I am trying to configure two XR500's in a client to gateway configuration.

I have sucessfully configured one XR500 as a gateway and it tested correctly with an adroid phone client , I am able to access the gateway network fine.

The first question is how to generate the ovpn file for the client XR500 ? can one of the pre configured files that the router generates be used ? or is it a question of manual editing , if so which lines need amendment ?

Second question , once the VPN is setup , can a device on the client router be added to the gateway geofilter as a device ? I'm thinking not , that all devices in the geofolter need to be on the same subnet. I may be thinking too linearly m which is why I'm asking if anyone has thoughts on making this work or has a more elegant solution ?


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What is your use case exactly? You can generate a VPN config from the gateway router from Settings > Advanced Settings > VPN Service, you should then be able to use that in the Hybrid VPN section on the client router. You're correct, you wouldn't be able to add a device from the client router to the Geo-Filter of the gateway router. Are both routers in the same household? If so then I would suggest using the second in AP mode, then you would be able to control all devices from the XR in router mode whether they were connected to the AP or main router.

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@Netduma Fraserthanks for confirming the method for generating an OVPN file for the client router.

I have a friend on in the US (im in the UK) , we want to set his XR500 as a client of my XR500 and have his PS4 and my PS4 both on the same "LAN" so that we can use my XR500 geofilter for both PS4's. I was hoping to create a VPN "bridge between the two networks and create one virtual LAN.

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@Netduma Fraser yes tried that , the geofilter doesn't appear to work in that scenario. even if allowed in both geofilters the two players don't find each other. Its quite odd as its easy to find the other and allow each other ,  they never actual;ly match each other. Is there any way to share a VLAN accross two routers ? 

Its all quite academic really . just looking to expand what I can do with the routers 

Maybe its a feature to suggest for future firmware releases , as it can be done with other routers , but then no other routers have the geofilter capability.

I guess what I'm looking for is for VPN clients to the router to be treated in the same way as LAN or Wi-FI clients in device manager 


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@Netduma FraserNot Destiny specifically , its more about creating a contiguous LAN environment , a single IP address space across multiple remote routers.  

You've answered my main questions , in that there is no functionality built into the XR500 to acheive this. I was also trying to see if anyone else had tried anything similar.

It may infact be possible to achieve this using the openvpn configuration files to create a bridge between the routers. Thats not a rabbit hole I'm going to ask you to dive into though.


Many thanks 

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