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My Boy Built a windows server with an old PC

Ste G

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My boy, being the brains he is, has gone and built a windows server, using an old pc.

All his lan devices are now routing via the server to the router.

But I don't want my xbox, pc or daughters xbox on the server.

But it seems they are self routing via the server.

My xbox has a static IP and its DMZ'd so its not going through any way.

But my pc and daughters xbox keep auto connecting via the router, is there any way to stop this?

Is it enough just to set a static IP and DNS gateway?

Or do I need to do some thing else.


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How are they self routing to the server, are they connected via ethernet or wifi to the server? How is it setup exactly - ISP hub > R1/XR (devices connected) > WServer (sons devices) but some devices connected to the router are going through the server anyway?

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For that to happen you need to have 2 or more network cards in the PC. One WAN and one or more LAN.


It's a matter of topology, plug all your stuff either in the router or in a switch connected to the router. Do not connect the second networkcard from the PC into your switch as then you have two routers on your network and then you will get into trouble.


It is possible if your switch has layer 3 capabilities, if you make separate VLANs then his and your stuff can co exist on the same switch, and your stuff can be routed through your router and his stuff can go through his PC.

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Hi sorry forgot about this as I told him to take it out.

He just made it up with an old pc and windows server 19 one day, put it with out saying any thing, every thing was working until we turned the devices off and then turned them on the next day and no one on the lan could connect. He has autism by the way.

One network card on his server as its an old pc, one network card on all devices in the house.

Router is in the kitchen where the BT socket is and LAN is hard wired through the house.

Modem > XR500 (devices connected) > 5 port Hub to break off the connections to up stairs and the living room >  8 port Hub in my gaming area  > WServer (sons devices, he has an 16 port unmanned rack switch in his room)

But when he put the server in all the Lan devices in the network automatically routed into his windows server and won't connect to the internet as the default IP changes.

For example, My xbox and pc routed into his server and won't find an internet connection.

All Wireless devices connect to the XR500 as normal.





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