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  1. @Netduma Liam @Netduma Fraser Hey guys its been 3 weeks since this request, I've had despatch email last week, nothing arrived, nothing has arrived today either. Sent an email today to Liam, no response, sent one last week no response. I'm pretty unhappy with the level of customer service here, its shocking to be-honest. Can you address this urgently?
  2. 30th. Liam said he would send a tracking number, but that never came. So was just under the impression it had been shipped by DPD or some one and would of been here next day.
  3. replied and sent you the original order from my paypal email address as well.
  4. Any news? Have you had issues with you email server as 2 emails where rejected and bounced back.
  5. Nope heard nothing, nothing delivered, emailed and got an email back asking me to confirm delivery address, did that heard nothing since this time last week. Emailed yesterday no one replied.
  6. ok any news on the replacement? Got ask to confirm my address and nothing since.
  7. Mines doing this every day mate, I can unplug it and it will work, then the following day it happens again.
  8. This is very strange, it will be ok till i want to change settings around 9pm, with out fail every day this week, its messed up at around this time. Is there a limit to how many devices can be used or link to the DHCP? Just wondering if any thing like that could be affecting it? Though I do believe Liam is sending out a replacement.
  9. What is the email addy? [email protected] ? I actually think its over heating, the base of it feels to warm.
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