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  1. may be, I've turned it off and just sent it to my xbox and see how it goes.
  2. Yes it turns off. Does it pick up all consoles or just the one added to the geofilter, as thats what I thought it did. I only have one device added to the geo.
  3. Hi Not sure if this is really an issue or there is a bug in the firmware. But is High Priority Traffic always supposed to be on? Even when its not selected as always. None of the devices are on that use the setting, so I'm not sure why its on? Is it because of the DCHP release on the firmware not working properly? As I still have that issue, where devices show on line that are off line and vise verse. Unable to delete them unless I reboot the router (which is getting annoying). Is there any way to fix this yet? High Priority Traffic Detected
  4. Just telling you what Netduma told me.
  5. That's why, it will connect to a server in the USA or another region, if its showing as with in your range. You need to put it to 0 and strict to lock it down to the area you want. I've had it before today's up date a few times, mine stays on zero now.
  6. Do you have ping assist on at 20ms?
  7. Xbox has always been wired, nothing has changed there. When it happens/if it happens again I'll take a shot.
  8. I've come across another issue, all of sudden Duma OS has started to not show servers unless the router is rebooted, started happening last night. This is sounding similar to the wireless devices showing online that aren't online issue. Any one else come across this issue?
  9. Hi I can no longer access the QOS or the Geo Filter menu. I get the following error all the time... This R-App is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute and then it says uncaught It was all working fine last night Unable to use Device manager, network monitor as well. Is there a fix for this? Do I have to do to this? https://kb.netgear.com/000053276/How-do-I-fix-R-app-is-not-loaded-yet-Please-try-again-in-a-minute-error-on-XR500 ? Even though I'm on the latest firmware ?
  10. fast search yes, ping was 80 and upwards. Always first game on now for some reason.
  11. yeah it has a dashed circle around it ! Wasn't aware of that. ping set to 20, at the mo, not sure how that would pull a USA server though, in game the ping is around 120
  12. Hi Having some odd issues with the xr500 lately, even though I have my xbox set to UK on the geofitler and sit to strict, its putting players out side that range into the lobby. When I play FFA in BO4, its putting me on a dedicated server in North America all the time and all the players are out of the UK range. Its just all of sudden started doing it, can't work out why.
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