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  1. yeah, that made no difference, several reboots later its back working again. I've had nothing but issues since I bought it.
  2. At my wits end for the XR500, I'm sick to death of this router messing up. Can any one explain to me why this is happening and how to fix it? If I have to do yet another factory reset, I'm going to smash it with a hammer. I can't get routelogin.net to work, it was fine yesterday, now on every device it tells I'm not connected to it, even though the net is working ???
  3. Yeah I just couldn't believe what has been happening and what I've been seeing. I've had no issues with the wifi since I've had the router NewFie. Most of my issue have been with it locking up, corrupting the operator system and having to re-flash it and the slow updates by netgear.
  4. so come home and its back to normal, having some random stuff going on this week with the internet.
  5. 1. 100% connected to my my 5ghz XR500 network. 2. It only happens on Wifi devices, I've tried my phone, my wife's phone, daughters phone and son's phone and the wife's tablet, all the same. So not sure its malware. Going to change the wifi channel when i get home and some one has told me, which i don't believe that my router if connected on wired network via powerlines, it can affect the wifi and push my connection or share it with next store, if the passwords on them are the same and for that reason my wifi is out putting via there router. I find that hard to believe, Or I have a dodgy neighbor thats clone my wifi some how.
  6. Has any one ever had this issue before? I've had issues with my router recently and connection, which are all now fixed, thank to help from here. So I've had to start again, reset it all up and now its working. But when I connect to wifi on certain sites, sky shield is coming up saying its blocking the site? I don't understand where this is coming from, as I'm with plus net? Is my line conflicting with some one elses line? Its fine via a wired connection, but not wifi, (I'm connected to my wifi)
  7. Doe any one know how to fix this? Chromecast can't be found on the same net work. Turn off AP Isolation Its connected to the router, but can't be seen.
  8. I've got it all up and running now Thanks for the help.
  9. I tried a factory reset, but it wouldn't connect at first, once I linked up the TP link and got that to connect, I then tried the XR500 again, it then worked. Odd's IP's ? 80. or 51. - But the devices where given 192. Will need to double check, as it was getting late on by the time I'd got some where with it. I'm just wondering if my lad has done some thing to the network, he has an old net gear nighthawk in his room, it was set up to act as switch, but I've just had a thought that its some how gone back to router mode and has conflicted the network (or he has done some thing to it). He's also 100% sure that the internet in, needs to go into the WAN port, which I told him isn't the case and it just needs to go into a normal port, as its only being used as a switch. I'm going to take that router out of the setup. As when I got things working again, I had turned that router off as he was in bed. So it could just be that. I'm hoping that its just this other router thats caused the issue.
  10. Not sure where to go with this, or if my XR500 is still working but. Last night I had major issues with my router and my connection, at first I thought it was my internet connection then I worked out it was the XR500. I keep getting DNS errors with the router, it started in my Sons room, then moved to my xbox and pc. They would not connect to the router, I'm using power line adaptors, but normally if I just reset them the internet works again, but not in this case. It got to the point where my computer and xbox wouldn't connect at all. Wifi devices would connect though, so I reset all the powerline plugs again and still nothing. I tried to log into the router via my phone, even though the internet was working via the phone I could not log into the router settings, every time I tried to go into setting page, it would just take me to the netgear home page, which told me I'm not connected to the router? So I factory reset the router, still couldn't connect to it after that. At this point I was fuming and ready to smash some thing, so I pulled out an old TP link router, set it up bang on the internet straight away no issues. So I went back to the XR500, it would now connect to my pc? So set it all up again, got every thing working to how I had my setting, thought its all sorted. Got up this morning, its all off again, nothing will connect via the XR500, phone won't connect to the log in page, put the TP link back in, works straight away............... Has my XR500 died?
  11. may be, I've turned it off and just sent it to my xbox and see how it goes.
  12. Yes it turns off. Does it pick up all consoles or just the one added to the geofilter, as thats what I thought it did. I only have one device added to the geo.
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