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On MW2 Xbox 360, can I force the game to place me in an EU lobby?


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Every time I try to play CoD MW2 the matchaking keeps searching for games till it says "<160ms ping", and after that, if you wait for other 10/15 minutes, you get put in a lobby where all the people are from the USA (while I am from Italy, EU).

Yesterday I tried to see what was going on through my Netduma, and for my first try I put the geo-filter in spectating mode, so it would only show me where people were from. The matchmaking started looking for games, and I saw all the EU area becoming basically all white because there were tons of players. Anyways, it skipped all of them, and eventually, as always, I was put in a lobby of people from the USA ranging from the east to the west coast.

Then I started looking for people again but with the geo-filter active, the radius such that all and only Italy would be included (there was a lot of players so I guess that wouldn't have mattered) and the ping assist set to 30 with fast research. This time, I waited forever, but I wasn't put in any lobby. I wanted to know if I can force the game to put me in an EU lobby, cause I don't want to play in one with two or one bar. 


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As far as i remember cod mw2 uses peer connetions no dedis

So if i was you i would set your ping assist to the lowest you can so you find games and set your home in the sea 

Make sure strict modee is turned on 

Btw if you can find games with 11ms or under you will destro everyone

Thats if they havent changed the network code

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Make sure that the Geo-Filter is set to where you want it before you start the game up, and restart the game every time you make a change to these settings.

If it doesn't work while using the radius option, try using Ping Assist instead.

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