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At my wits end for the XR500

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At my wits end for the XR500, I'm sick to death of this router messing up.

Can any one explain to me why this is happening and how to fix it?

If I have to do yet another factory reset, I'm going to smash it with a hammer.

I can't get routelogin.net to work, it was fine yesterday, now on every device it tells I'm not connected to it, even though the net is working ???



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i remember this happening to me when i got this router, i think clearing the browser cache helps and I may also have used a laptop to connect to the routers setup homepage for the initial setup over wifi, as when i tried it from the wired desktop, I got the same screen message you did.

try it from a laptop if you can. if connecting from a wired desktop , you might have to set your network adapter to the same IP range that the router comes with... *.*.1.1  (like MikeC also mentioned above)

i.e. so if your routers default IP is  , set your desktop pc network adapter to or something.

i had to do this as my pc was setup for a static IP of   

but it will differ obviously for your own environment...

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Sorry. this keeps happening, after 5 reboots it starts working again.

Its happened again today, I could access the router by any device, or by the gateway.

Its the 3rd time its happened this week.

I've had to reset my network ports on the computer and it starts working again.

I have to restart my phone to get it to work on wi fi.

Starting to really get me down this router.


When it stops working I can access some sites but not all as it won't load them.





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I think i've worked it out, I hard wired the house, but left a power line adapter in for one of the bed rooms, that was flashing an orange light on the XR500 instead of white? I've unplugged that and every thing is working, so i think its faulty plug. 

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Also had BT out today, as there was a loop fault on my line, which turned out to be corroded connections in the master socket.

So new master socket and wires fitted, I have a speed boost of around 20MEG.

So things may be looking better, I'll monitor the router for a few days, but i think that plug was doing some damage some how.



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