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  1. [UPDATE] New XR500 router arrived Friday (brand new replacement sent by Netgear). Setup from scratch and has been running sweet for 2 days....until this happened....!! [Internet connected] IP address: 81.***.**.***, Sunday, December 15, 2019 16:42:28 [Internet disconnected] Sunday, December 15, 2019 16:39:07 So.... clearly the conclusion is, this is NOT a Hardware or Netgear issue, this is CLEARLY a DumaOS software issue!!! result : Brand New XR500 now listed on eBay....
  2. stay on top of watching your logs every few hours though, as they only stay visible on the router for around a day ... if you miss it in the logs you can always look at ; Connection Time, from that , you can deduce when it last disconnected from Internet the Time shown is in DD:HH:MM:SS
  3. thanks Fraser, maybe one day when Netgear actually produce a better version (that works) it might be an option somewhere down the road. thanks to all the DumaOS guys who have tried to help with all the issues , and have so way better than Netgear themselves have done. I might give the replacement XR500 a weeks trial before sticking it on eBay.... so you never know lol! it would be interesting that, after i test the "replacement" it then exhibits the same issues.... that would prove it all to be an OS issue.... thanks again
  4. since I was acting here on behalf of the person I sold this router to initially, i feel obligated to offer them a more reliable substitute ... (yes, i dumped this router long ago for the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 but its overkill for what my mate needs) do you have any suggestions/recommendations for a router (make/model) that has similar "gaming attributes" of the XR500 , abilities that actually work that is.... and around the same price ? thanks
  5. Right... i've thrown the towel in and RMA'd this paperweight router. nice of Netgear to charge me £20 for the honor of sending mine back....! will sell the new one they send on eBay and put "the pennies" I make off it, towards a "decent" router....
  6. have just noticed another funny quirk ... if i goto the router settings and do a "reboot"... approx between 2 - 4 hours later, the internet will disconnect then reconnect 5 mins later, and then the router will stay connected for several days .... (this is still with Smart Connect and QoS options disabled. With Smart Connect and QoS enabled, it disconnects at least once or twice daily) just thought id mention it as i've done this 3 times in a row now and it happened on each occasion....weird but true...
  7. i still have Offline devices that i cannot delete because it says "they are still connected"....? despite that device being over 20 miles away...mnnn? Netgear say the wifi range is good on the XR500 but... I didnt expect it to be that good ! LOL!!
  8. yes you could be onto something there alright. I managed to get my daily dropouts down to once or twice a week now by completely disabling QoS... initially i just disabled Smart Connect in the wireless settings which helped, but with disabling QoS I only get maybe 1 internet drop a week now.... as you can see below, now rocking it for 4 days 15 hours and 46 glorious minutes ....
  9. thanks ill keep updating my original post with each disconnect. I've ruled out it being anything to do with the modem as i replaced it, and same things happens.
  10. still getting random internet disconnects. did a full factory reset last night and setup from scratch.... internet disconnected 2.5 hours later....why ? still no solutions.....
  11. nice one, i completely misread a table indicating the DM200 as being Broadcom when indeed , it is not, cheers .... are there no Broadcom "Pure" modems out there other than the HG612....? or what modem/router combo is best to use ? (just to use in bridge mode) . i.e. Zyxel VMG8924 ? Would there be any advantage at all going from a HG612 (unlocked) to a Zyxel VMG8924 ?
  12. sending the Vigor 130 back to amazon and going to give the Netgear DM200 a go.... if thats no different, will revert to old faithful...DG612 thanks
  13. yeah firmware check was first thing i did (latest BT one was already on there). checking the speed on the modem GUI was the second thing, 74 Down, 13 Up. I know my cabinet is a Huawei and my old modem, an Openreach HG612 (unlocked) is also Huawei chipset, I was getting about 9Mbps extra from it. So maybe moving to the Draytek was a bad idea after all... After several factory resets on the XR500, im now getting a steady 53Mbps Down and 11Mbps Up reported by the router..... thats still 13Mbps of a drop from using the old HG612 Openreach Modem. Think i will just switch back to the Huawei... despite its age (performance is everything.... so my wife says ? LOL!)
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