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Which router to buy

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Well it depends on several things... Firstly, how fast is your internet connection? Is the R1 struggling to keep up?

Secondly, are you experiencing any issues with the R1? Is it not working quite as intended? Sometimes older hardware starts to fail...

If you're not experiencing a bottleneck on your connection, and you're not experiencing any issues, then i'd stick with the R1. We're planning on releasing DumaOS 3.0 on all of our devices, including the R1, so you certainly won't miss out by not upgrading.

Of course the XR500 is a better router overall. It's got better WiFi, it's more powerful, it has a higher maximum throughput... So really, it's up to you.

The Geo-Filter will work the same though, so unless you're experiencing crazy congestion on your home network, I think for gaming they'll be largely comparable.

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Id have to agree with @stalker4hire- to stay with what you currently have for the time being.. At least id take the safe route for now and not purchase any of the XR series atm. See what the next new firmware does to the XR series type routers and then decide from there. New features are always cool. But nothing is cool when its bugged or not working correctly.. The R1 is likely your better option atm..


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